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Abundance of Northern Pike at Kent Lake & Huron River

I'd say the DNR definitely has to do something about the overabundance of northern pike at Kent Lake and the Huron River. On a horrible day you can go there and still catch 10 hammer handles with one arm tied behind your back. I'm not kidding you, as I made a post about this being in relation to the decline of smallmouth bass population at Kent Lake, now can't be 100% sure, but having too many apex predators at a lake can definitely reduce a species population.

Back when I fished Kent Lake in 2008-2009, I don't even recall catching one pike surprisingly, I actually caught more smallmouth bass back then, than I did pike. Weird?

Maybe because I fished from a boat and mainly on the west side of the lake I had a different experience, but I specifically remember fishing the east side of the lake not catching one pike.

There's so many pike now, we're getting rare mutations like this striped pike here!

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