American Alligator Gar Pose Major threat to China’s Ecosystem

Interesting how Silver and Bighead Asian carp have become a major threat to Great Lakes, meanwhile American Alligator Gar have posed a major threat to China's natural resources... If one government wanted to take out the other's fishing industry, which is a billion dollar industry in both countries, one would assume both fish species could be used as biowarfare and wreak havoc on each other's economy...

Asian carp have long been recognized as a threat to the Great Lakes and the region’s $7 billion fishing industry. But the risk posed by these invasive fish may be much greater than experts realized.

Crazy conspiracy theory I know, considering we know Asian carp were being used in catfish farm ponds, then flooding caused them to circulate throughout the south, they eventually made there way into the Mississippi... However, just weird how Alligator gar have really populated the Chinese region so quickly... Just sayin... Considering weird videos I've been seeing online lately on bioterrorism, even Bill Gates stepping in, who's not much of a conspiracy theorist himself, other than being cast in them, some things still have me wondering...

Bill Gates warns next biggest threats are climate change and bioterrorism!

I've seen so many cast doubt in even the existence of bioterrorism, let alone a lab leak, we know that Facebook and many other social media sites were both banning and removing posts for even proposing the lab leak theory, despite scientists like Dr. Weinstein, as I said in recent article, proposing in June, "the chances it came from the lab look to me about 90%." It all could be just a coincidence as we strive closer to more of a world economy with world trading, as more invasive species hitch rides on freighters, the are accidentally released through the ballast water from the ships... But, something still has me wondering how fast they populated the China region and are now in 8 different provinces... Chinese officials went to such extreme circumstances to draining a lake to capture this Apex Predator!

It's very strange how so many people, even people on the left, who claim to be all about science, won't even get to first base about the lab leak theory, let alone bioterrorism... As lab leaks are American as Apple Pie and bioterrorism, have been used since the dark ages...

"It is believed that the Romans were the first to launch dead animals over castle walls. This was a strategically brilliant idea for several reasons; the first being that during sieges, the army that is besieging the castle/town/city would, under normal circumstances, burn the outlaying farmlands in an effort to starve the dwellers within. By launching putrid meat over the walls to starving men, the men would inevitably eat the spoiled meat and spread disease throughout."

"Hannibal is credited, along with a long list of other accreditations, gets my vote for most unique form of biological warfare. In 184 BC, Hannibal ordered his Carthaginian troops to fill large clay pots with some of the most venomous snakes that they could find. In the ensuing naval battle against the Pergamenes, the clay pots were then launched onto the enemies ships. The clay would shatter and now the Pergamene ships were now filled with angry venomous snakes amidst the chaos that was already ensuing."

"In 1346 AD, Khan Janibeg, believed to be descendant of Genghis Khan, led the Golden Horde against the city of Caffa, or Kaffa. Stories differ, but the gist is that Khan used plague infected bodies as catapult ammo to hurl over the enemy walls. One story says that his own men had become infected with the plague and he was using his own men to throw over the walls and thus helped to introduce the plague to the European world."

"The 15th century saw the new world introduced to biological warfare as Spanish Pizarro “gifted” clothing to South American natives. The clothing was contaminated with smallpox. This was duplicated in the 18th century by Lord Jeffery Amherst during the French-Indian War unto the American Indians."

Of course this is just a theory...

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