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Can Science and Religion Coexist? – Elon Musk “Probably Not”

Without a doubt, Elon Musk is one of the most inspirational philosophers of our time on science, freedom of speech, and technology... I'm a big fan, but on the topic of science and religion coexisting with one another, I have to disagree with him... This is very relative after wrapping up this year's Hallows Eve at the End of October and Hollywood producing two more Exorcist movies... If you do you research, you'll see that science and religion are already working together, aka coexhisting, if you've read my recent article on Ouija Board App.

"And that's kind of where religion and technology/science start to work together I think, to show these things do exist in another realm our human eye doesn't see...! Just like how some of these psychiatrists(science) and priests(religion) are working together on this internet technology through podcasts on YouTube to explain to people there's something to this topic, not to mention working together to differentiate between what's clinical Schizophrenia and a real possession."

Key factors recommended by Dr. Richard Gallagher that allow you to differentiate between schizophrenia and real possession: "tone of voice, foreign language, strength, psychic/remote viewing/laetra, and levitation..."

Dr. Richard Gallagher listed five techniques that allowed you to could differentiate between a real possession and schizophrenia, however the Pope's Exorcist Father Gabriele Amorth figured out that there was one more...

"One of these was to have the possessed person close their eyes, then he would bring a holy object like a crucifix near them to see if they react..." And to me, that must signify, well, there must be some sort of positive power to a cross or holy object...

Interesting fact, the original Exorcist story based was based on Ronald Humpler, "who later went on to lead a normal life, in fact he became NASA engineer who worked on the Apollo and space shuttle missions his identity was Kept Secret for years." Question is, him being possessed and a NASA engineer, was there any connection? Remind you of the NIDs scientist that was possessed at Skinwalker Ranch!

Easier Access to Spirit Talking Devices such as Ouija Board App - "Also what has me curious, how a NIDs scientist was supposedly possessed by an entity of some sort on the Skinwalker Ranch, where there's been reports of UAPs flying out of a tear in the sky!"

I think it's good to always keep open mind, no matter what your beliefs are... The schools I attended St. Isaac Jogues, Notre Dame, U of D which taught me both science and religion, taught me both can coexist together! Even how a loving relationship between a Atheist and Theist could still work!

New York Post - "The boy’s mother feared it was related to their recently deceased Aunt Tillie, a spiritualist who had taught Hunkeler how to use a Ouija board to communicate with the spirit world, according to Sword’s podcast. Using Ancestry.com records, Sword’s colleague Kenny Biddle found that Hunkeler had a paternal aunt named Mathilda Hendricks."

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