Don Frye on Russians and Wanting Strong Qualities of a Leader

Russians are very strong yes, but striving for traits that are seen in a dictator like Putin is not something that always make up a quality leader. And even so, a true Republic means to have a leader not making choices on his own, but rather for his people and by his people.

I'm glad I don't have the genes that make me latch on to these individuals and go along as per Jordan Peterson and Bret Weinstein are talking about, how many Americans that do?

If Frye is worried about the feminism of man, he should read into the study of the smallmouth in the Potomac... where 80% of the smallmouth are hermaphrodites, if gender bending chemicals like the drug metformin are change the fish and can't be filtered out from water treatment plants, chances are they are doing the same to us.

To think having a fast food joint on the corner of every American neighborhood isn't going to have repercussions or the FDA looking past Scientists getting lobbied by the sugar industry to but the blame on fat not sugars, isn't going to have serious repercussions, well we're living it! Remember the choices we make as a whole nation, still effect everyone around us, including the fish we eat!

Vice and another news source did an episode what happened with diabetes in the city of Quatar and Kuwait once fast food restaurants opened up shop in one of the richest countries of the world, we still need quality regulation, this is the closest thing we have to a study. Sometimes sacrificing health for a growing full unregulated free market capitalist economy isn't the smartest way to go about it, but I do believe capitalism has it's benefits, there just needs to be some regulation!

More kids should be studying art and history of film so history doesn't repeat itself, rather than hoping some super hero is going to bail them out... This movie Swing Kids did have a big effect on me when I was a kid!

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