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Easier Access to Spirit Talking Devices such as Ouija Board App

I've been warning about the growing admiration for lawlessness within our culture here in the USA, whether its growing group of anarchists or libertarians within our country, while complete free liberty may sound good on paper, I think many don't realize the impact and repercussions down the road with these beliefs... As I've sounded the bell on what capitalist Elon Musk thinks about unregulated Ai without any rules or regulations, what a complete free market could do to a rare species of fish like musky that are a protected species by rules and laws, how unregulated tiktok could have major influence on our kids worshiping being an Influencer rather than an Astronaut... It's all huge warning signs, yet many still don't realize that a lot of this technology is brand new and we're not going to see the major impact till years down the road, but I think we're already starting to see warning signs with things such as the opioid epidemic!

As I always say, you don't hear our forfathers mention a free market or capitalism during the national anthem or in the Constitution, the words you mainly here are about a republic and democracy... Yet what you do hear a lot of sometimes is liberty... I think what is going on is, people twisting the meaning of those words liberty and suiting it to their belief system under a freemarket and capitalism, a freedom given to corporations not its people, which is a different liberty than what our Forfathers believed in... It's quite obvious that our Forfathers like Thomas Jefferson still believed in rules and laws, anti-monopoly laws, hence creating a government under a republic. Explaining this to some people, seems to be like teaching Mandarin to people for some strange reason, reason being I would say is propaganda, aka very convincing individuals that sell you on something promising that is quite believable but is complete and utter bullshit, which is called snake oil in the medical profession. "You sound so convincing, but how do you argue with this? If your ideas are so perfect how come there aren't other countries implementing it?"

Mary Harrington who wrote the book on Feminism Against Progress, discusses with professor Bret Weinstein how too much liberation(freedom) can cause a decay in society, what they stress here is a balance between freedom and rules/regulations. It's obvious if you have too many rules and regulations it leads to communism and stripping people the right to their full potential, but on the complete opposite end too much liberty could lead to Anarchy, hence Von Army. Again, they stress a "balance" between the two... And really, that's what I believe in or you could just say taking some middle ground!

Capitalist Elon Musk who I would say is a major leader of the free world, seeing how he mainly bought Twitter to uphold free speech, Musk explains how he normally isn't advocate regulation and oversight, but still explains the danger of Artificial Intelligence when there's no rules and regulations to guide it. Interesting he's been called a Speciest by his fellow capitalist friend Pal Alto, just for just suggesting any type of governmental oversight over a possible Digital God...

I will say this, in relation to the Spiritual World... I've talked about this recently in a previous article, how it's beginning to show that spirits can use technology to communicate with the living... I'm starting to see warning signs when their's easier access to talking boards, aka ouija boards through phone apps online. Before children had to have an Adult either drive them to the store with an automobile or they had to do ride their bike to a store to buy this product, now in the new modern world of technology, they have easier instant access to it with just a click of a button, as this YouTube channel is suggesting.

"At the click of a button you could go into Witchcraft and Witchcraft has to look appealing has to look like it's going to offer you something because like I said before Satan masquerades as an angel or a messenger of light."

YouTuber Review Tech USA Richard Masucci - "this is coming from a guy like I said who is not religious, okay, just don't touch that stuff, you don't know what goes on and what goes on beyond this world just stay away from it because if it is evil do you really want to?"

While this sort of freedom may sound great and all, there's a lot of children uneducated about the spirit realm at such a young age, meddling in this realm can have severe consequences.

"It is one thing to contact the dead, it's another to meddle and you are meddling!"

Joe Rogan explaining to Tyson how he hates this argument, he begs to differ on Tyson about the UFO topic...

And while many people are still having this debate whether or not this realm exists at all similar to UFOs, aka UAPs... We must look at what we've recently learned from UFOs and how some scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson once said there's nothing too these things, now it's quite evident there is, once we applied the infrared technology to our naval ships to study this phenomenon they obviously became quite real. This is something atheists and agnostic believers like Michael Shermer should really consider and still have an open mind about, after being wrong about the UFO topic...

"I think that technology upgrade that our ship had received. I think it gave us the ability to finally suddenly see these things"

Fr. Carlos Martins explaining how studying this topic turned him into a believer, from Atheist to Exorcist!

At my catholic schools throughout my life whether it being my high school Notre Dame or grade school St. Isaac Jogues, they taught us both religion and science extensively, rather than just teaching one side of things(which I think we're learning is quite dangerous), while they made us go to church just about every week in grade school, there was still a sense of free will to come to your own conclusions on your own beliefs what you believe in. After studying these topics extensively for four decades, I've come to the conclusion both tools are extremely useful in our day to day lives and I believe in both of them! I'm definitely not your day to day Catholic or Christian, as I would say I still side with science most of the time, but I still have a belief in some form of God or intelligent energy within this world we live in, along with possibility of a rift between good and evil in the spiritual realm, that we still don't quite understand as of yet. I have this hunch, as we progress with science and technology, both will start to merge together, and start to explain what these things are, just like infrared technology has done with UFOs, again aka UAPs, which this new acronym terminology now used since UFOs got such a bad reputation.

But getting down to the nitty gritty, now that adults and especially children have easier access to explore the spiritual realm with a ouija board app through their cell phone with no rules and regulations in sight, not even guidelines to warn or deter them... Since this is something "new" and similar to a digital God such as Ai that I think we really have to be careful about and have a serious discussion as technology starts to really extensively change our world. I think basing everything off of pure profit, without any rules, morals, ethics, or religion, I think we're going to have some serious consequences down the line I think! Deep debates are obviously starting to show up online, similar to the one between Tucker Carlson and Elon Musk on TV. Joe Rogan said "if you think tech companies have a lot of power now, imagine if a tech companies unleash a digital God!"

"I know this will sound strange to you but I got a text in Greek from a possessed person, I know it sounds goofy, but demons aren't stupid they know how to use phones, they know how to text people!" Yikes, well that's something you don't see everyday!

Still to this day, they say the Exorcist is still classified as the most scariest movie to date as talked about in this podcast between Adam Blai and Cameron Bertuzzi. I've seen it many times, along with the Exorcism of Emily Rose and others like the The Amityville Horror documentary with Daniel Lutz after admitting his step father "studied in the occult..." Ya know after reading about these topics on paper it was somewhat convincing, but I'll say this, what really grabbed my attention was when I started watching documentaries and even movies that had incredible CGI and special effects to mimic these spirts in film, it definitely made me even more of a believer... It's no wonder why there's been parnormal experiences on set, some say this is to deter film makers! "There's a saying when the devil ignores you, then you know you're doing something wrong, its when the devil comes at you, maybe it's because you're trying to do something right!!!" Some say "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist."

"He actually exorcised the theater."

"And I've taken steps wherever I can to sort of like put on some armor, there's an old priest..."

And that's kind of where religion and technology/science start to work together I think, to show these things do exist in another realm our human eye doesn't see...! Just like how some of these psychiatrists(science) and priests(religion) are working together on this internet technology through podcasts on YouTube to explain to people there's something to this topic, not to mention working together to differentiate between what's clinical Schizophrenia and a real possession. Scary stuff I know, but I think people must be educated in these topics to be aware! There's definitely been a heightened interest in this topic after the release of Russel Crowe's new film the Pope's Exorcist on streaming devices and the theater. Still to this day, people are debating on whether it's real or not? What I recommend is, if you do not believe what the priests are saying, definitely listen to what real psychologists like Dr. Richard Gallagher are saying about this topic being real. And how practicing in the spirit realm with devices like talking boards, cultism, ghost hunting can even lead to actually being possessed!

Key factors recommended by Dr. Richard Gallagher that allow you to differentiate between schizophrenia and real possession: "tone of voice, foreign language, strength, psychic/remote viewing/laetra, and levitation..."

What'll really throw your mind for a loop, is when science maybe proves that either a fungus like Cordyceps/Prion Disease could turn humans into a Zombie or a bacteria like Bartonella could make you clairvoyant into becoming possessed by spirits, both of those are just theories of course and aren't fully proven. But as I explained in a previous article, a new study showing 17 people diagnosed with schizophrenia 13 people tested positive for the bacterial infection known as Bartonella, there's a lot of similarities of symptoms of epilepsy, OCD, PANS and OCD in both a possession and a bartonella infection. Some might say this proves that possessions are just schizophrenia caused by a bartonella bacterial infection, on other hand, what if the bacteria makes us more clairvoyant to the spiritual realm...

Also what has me curious, how a NIDs scientist was supposedly possessed by an entity of some sort on the Skinwalker Ranch, where there's been reports of UAPs flying out of a tear in the sky! I'll let you ponder on that for a moment... Does this mean UAPs are connected to demons since they have the capability of possessing a human body? Not necessarily, I like thinking on back of the Indiana Jones article on living in a complex world of the possibility of multiple gods, extraterrestrials, artificial intelligence and even a heaven and hell.... The Indiana Jones Films Hide a Terrifying Truth About the Universe For some strange reason, I've seen a lot of people not be able to wrap their minds around this possibility... Many think a Extraterrestrial pressence cancles out God, religion, heaven and hell... Artificial intelligence may even cancel out extraterrestrials... Imagine if they are all very real? Lately I've been seeing some of my atheist friends just suggest none of them exist at this moment in time... Yeah ok bubble boy, you're in for a rude awakening!

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