Enter the Era of Genetic Manipulation – Leviathan (1989)

Are we entering a new era of genetic manipulation? Ya know, when I watched the movie Leviathan as a young fishermen back in the 80s, I thought it was horrifying, didn't fully understand what gene manipulation was, but watching that movie kind of gave me an idea. To keep on point in this article, I'll be making references on how this relates to fishing and our beloved Great Lakes State. But if we were to ask the average citizen here in the United States what they thought of gain of function research, do you think they would know what you were talking about?

I think by now, when someone makes a reference to GMO foods, a good percentage of people know what you're talking about, basically genetically modified food! Some people are completely against it and still eat organically, some people take middle ground eat a little bit of both, some people are all for it thinking if we're going to evolve with animals, insects, bacteria and fungi on this planet, we're going to have to genetically modify our crops to keep up with these evolving pests. I also suspect, we also have a large amount of people who don't even know about GMOs, dive head first into eating these GMO Foods without even being educated about them first and basically go on their day to day lives of hoping for the best!

But why is it, when the ex-CDC director Dr. Robert Redfield of the CDC said he thinks that the Virus, I don't need to mention which, because is it's worldly known now... Claimed he thinks it was leaked from a lab which was probably in the process of altering it, people went ballistic and started sending him death threats? Have any of these people researched more thoroughly into this topic, how common lab leaks are and genetically modifying organisms is in modern day? USA Today had a great article about 10 incidents that happened at our Nations Labs that could of led to a leak. If that isn't enough proof, here's an article discussing how once a European honey bee mated with an African honey bee in a lab in a humble attempt to increase honey production, it then somehow escaped the lab, and then turned into what we known as the Killer Bee. Sounds like a Science Fiction movie right? Remind you, 25 years ago there was an Ebola Outbreak at a lab in Reston Virginia, which set the foundation for the movie Outbreak with Morgan Freeman and Dustin Hoffman.

Ya know sometimes when I think people watch these sci-fi movies, they forget the premise, focus on the action and horror, never realize that they're based on the directors and writers trying to predict the future so they can kind of warn us about the horrifying repercussions of man made engineering, but instead these movies somehow brain wash them into thinking it's just based on science fiction and does not exist! Ya know whether it's the newer modern movies Splice, The Titan, or even reference to the new sequel Jurrasic World Dominion. It's obvious this is where we're headed folks, quite scary I know, however, it is possible that genetic manipulating a fish could save a billion dollar resource like the Great Lakes one day from a foreign invasive, just like genetically modifying an insect could save our kids from a disease as based in the premise of the old sci-fi horror flick Mimic.

If you're not aware, in reference to the movie Jurassic Park, scientists are already contemplating on bringing the Wooly Mamoth back to stop climate change. It's said if they release some Wooly Mamoths on the Artic, it could prevent the permafrost that holds excess carbon from being released in the atmosphere, basically the Mamoths would march around on mosses and shrubs, uprooting trees and disturbing the landscape. In this way, they would inadvertently acted as natural geoengineers, maintaining highly productive steppe landscapes full of grasses, herbs and no trees... "This form of mammoth de-extinction and reintroduction could therefore promote grasslands and simultaneously slow the thawing of these frozen soils."

While majority of the public knows about the movie Jurassic Park, I think Mimic was one of the most artfully crafted sci-fi movies that went underneath the rug. I think it was also one of the first movies that gave Josh Brolin another new start to his acting career after Goonies... Charles S Dutton was also absolutely incredible in it! But getting to the point, there was a virus that was spreading due to cockroaches and was killing our children, a scientist got a brilliant idea to combine two species of insects together to make what was known as the Judas breed in the movie, which was genetically constructed to target cockroaches and then self destruct within a short period of time. But instead of dieing out, it instead kept "mutating" and found a way to survive in it's new environment... Imagine that? Imagine if one were to construct something in a lab, it got out of the lab, then kept mutating so it could survive within its environment.

Now getting to how this relates to fishing and our beloved Great Lakes here in Michigan which is a billion dollar industry, some scientists are already talking about possibly genetically modifying the foreign invasive Asian carp to prevent them from reproducing in the Great Lakes. They've thought up other ideas, like even re-releasing Alligator gar throughout the Mississippi that stretches across the entire North American states, thinking this apex predator species would target the Bighead and Silver Carp just like the Judas breed did to the cockroach in the movie Mimic, but now scientists are saying that wouldn't work!

Years ago Kim Stricker(Hook n' Look) had shot me a facebook private message after liking one of my videos on YouTube, he gave me his number so we could shoot the shit for a bit about fishing. We talked about how the Lindner brothers raised the bar with their old popular fishing show In-Fisherman that got more underwater footage that any other fishing show on TV, also how Lindner's shared tips on how to target musky and pike, two of the most hated freshwater fish in the fishing world, and even got more in-depth on catching the smaller such as panfish. It was a ground breaking show since most fishing shows were about bass fishing. Stricker said how he was trying to do something similar with his TV show Hook n' Look, but still wanted to do something different to hold a more advanced underwater footage perspective to raise the bar even more, I told him I think he very much succeeded. I also told him about the underwater drones that were set to come out in the consumer sector, which he didn't seem to know anything about and said he kind of thinks they probably wouldn't work because the water is too murky in most the lakes around Michigan... But after that, I brought up the Asian Carp issue, brought up some ideas how we could possibly solve this issue and I mentioned how I think it's probably inevitable that we're probably going to have to end up genetically modifying these fish to stop in it's tracks. We're talking about a fish that can lay up to 1.9 million eggs in a single year, eat 5 to 10 percent of its body weight a day, can weigh up to 100 pounds and they have very few natural predators that eat them! He kind of concurred and he said yeah, scientists might have to genetically modify them from stop reproducing!

Dr. Fauci email - "research is worth it, even if an accident would cause a worldwide pandemic, the research is worth it."

I think it's great we're all trying to work together to find a solution, but apart of me, especially after living through the recent pandemic and discovering how more Americans died from this virus than World War 2...  It has me very weary about tampering with organisms after Rand Paul uncovered a Dr. Fauci email where he was informed "it looked like a specific genome had been manipulated in the lab" and Dr. Fauci email stated "yes, research is worth it, even if an accident would cause a worldwide pandemic, the research is worth it." It has me wondering if finding a solution could cause an even bigger problem?

Despite a lot of people on the left ignoring this conspiratorial lab leak theory as they liked to called it, one of their main spokes persons kind of made a joke about it saying "I think we owe a great debt gratitude to science, science in many ways helped ease the suffering of this pandemic, which was more than likely caused by science!" How ironic, actually pretty cringe worthy too if you ask me, considering more people died from the virus than World War 2... For me, it's just nothing to remotely joke about and to take a lot more seriously, especially because this political group thought it was just a conspiracy theory and passed it off as nothing!

Dr. Weinstein and Rogan talking about the manipulation of the Virus's furin site.

What really scares me, is how people on the left quickly dismissed the lab leak theory or even considered the possibility of the virus being genetically modified, suggested that it's Qanon or Trump conspiracy, immediately took the side of Dr. Fauci, not acknowleding anything that Dr. Rand Paul uncovered.... As Joe Rogan referenced this tribalism with Dr. Bret Weinstein on his podcast, which I think influenced Bill Maher to have Weinstein and Heather on his HBO show to officially acknowledge this with people on the left and to at least consider it.

Bret Weinstein - "Matter of fact in June, I said, I think in June the chances it came from the lab look to me about 90%." Remind you, social media was removing posts and even banning people anytime they mentioned lab leak.

Brett and Heather are in my opinion are heroes for challenging Fauci and the scientific consensus, just as Physicist Michio Kaku did for challenging his colleagues about his ET theory.... Physicist Michio Kaku had to explain to colleagues to get them thinking out of the box, think on lines of another civilization a 1000 years ahead of us for that matter...

Everyone is always saying the internet is so toxic these days, but I think it's great we have the internet, so we can see where we are with the collective thinking on these topics, it tells us we need a major re-education on these topics so it doesn't divide us so much as a country.

What also worries me are those, that take one ideology from one Doctor like Fauci and doesn't look at what another Doctor is saying like Bret Weinstein... Just like right and left in politics, there can even be two factions of different scientific groups that may have different opinions and theories on things... A good example is Lyme Disease, one group of scientists called the IDSA, believes that left over symptoms from 2-4 weeks of docyxycline is PTLDS(autoimmune), while another group of scientists/doctors called ILADs, believes that the spirochete can survive after 2-3 weeks of doxycycline due to persister cells and biofilms, to what we commonly know as chronic lyme(persistent infection). Scary part is, our lovely CDC completely sided with the IDSA and yet now there's new studies showing that 1 in 5 infected with Lyme may persist with an infection due to persisters, as per John Hopkins Study, Embers Study, even the New Haven Study done by Dr. Sapi showing borrelia bacter(Lyme) can persist in patients after 16 years of antibiotics, where she did an autopsy and still found biofilms in the tissue.

As emphasized on LymeDisease.org, there's now talks of having a revamping of the CDC.

Reporter Teresa Priolo - "Ticks used as weapons of war, new book that is shedding light on how Lyme may have been man made."

There's also now new proof, that it's possible that Lyme Disease was also "man made"(As stated by Fox News Reporter Teresa Priolo) and a possibly a lab leak, as written by scientific Stanford writer Kris Newby's new book Bitten and this special reportive work done by by Fox News's Teresa Priolo... Another great book to look into is Lab 257 and a documentary filmed here in Michigan called Under the Eightball.

Dr. Markowitz from Keego Harbor Michigan, a great Doctor who decided to buck the system, treat beyond CDC guidelines of 2-4 weeks of antibiotics and treat longterm with minocycline. - Claims in the documentary - "I don't want to be walking in Michigan or the United States with 30 million people who are the walking wounded."

Remember what Fauci said "attacks on me, is attacks on science." Remember those words, how brain washing it sounds, sounds something similar to what the Church would say.... "To against the Church, is to go against God!"

I'm starting realize atheists and scientists are somewhat similar to a religion or cult in their own weird sort of ideological way, aren't they? Can't question anything they do or say... The thing about science is, it's always changing: yearly, daily, hourly, by the second. To say one person knows everything there is to know about science, is completely twisted and arrogant!

In a weird sort of way, referencing back to the movie Mimic, this scene where Charles S Dutton is going after Mira Sorvino for accidentally creating something that could take over the human population. Gives me fucking chills just watching it, I loved what Giancarlo Giannini and Charles S Dutton said, that I would guess you could say is coming from a religious point of view...

Manny(Giancarlo Giannini) - you take something and make it like a man! A man who is not a man and is a thing!!!

Leondard(Charles S Dutton) - You tell her Manny, you tell her, because she doesn't give a God damn!!!!

Dr. Peter Mann(Jeremy Northam) - Shut up, Shut up, Shut the Fuck UP!!!!

In a weird sort of way, this scene sounds similar to the debate Dr. Fauci and Dr. Rand Paul are having about gain of function research. I mean, I think a doctor using gain of function like Dr. Susan Tyler(Mira Sorvino) created the Judas Breed to stop children dieing from a viral infection, meant good, but could anyone predicted it start mutating rapidly and cause major destruction? Fucking scary isn't it?

Another movie relative and is even related to fishing and the water, is Deep Blue Sea, this was a phenomenal scene!

Enter what I would like to call, the new era of Dr. Strange Love....

Ash - "You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. "

Lambert - "You admire it!"

"I admire its purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality."

Now back to the movie I watched as a little fishermen, Leviathan, what a fucking horrifying movie to watch as a young kid, it was great though! lol It's a bit dated now, but at the time I thought it was a great sci-fi horror flick for the 80s, little did I know that within my lifetime I would start seeing gene manipulation within my own era. The movie took it to extremes showing people growing teeth out of a hand and two people merging together, that's Hollywood for ya, but I think it was just supposed to be a warning to those not taking into consideration of the choices they make and not thoroughly investigating the repercussions. Imagine if anything like that were to ever get out in the ocean, what it could do to the world wide fishing industry, which is basically a priceless economy to each of our countries' economies!

The whole point of this article I would say is to always have a different point of view, look outside the box, even watch some of the conservative news to get an outside perspective on a controversial topic such as a lab leak or genetically modifying a living organism... As well as realize that genetically modifying organisms can have some serious fucking repercussions! While we're trying to solve world problems with genetically modified organisms, it's obvious it can create new problems... Problems that we may not have an answer for!

Personally, I think all of this is a warning, we need to slow down and regulate these measures more, think more thoroughly about the repercussions of genetically modifying organisms on this planet a lot more, before jumping the gun again! It's ironic, Rand Paul was the one to uncover the emails and go after gain of function research, I wonder if he's having second thoughts about having a complete free market when it involves genetically modifying organisms now? Just like Elon Musk said he had second thoughts on complete free market even though he's a huge entrepreneur, thus he still believes in regulation of Artificial Intelligence.

I think this is a great quote, this could be reference to both AI and genetically modified organisms! Elon Musk - "I'm not normally an advocate of regulation and oversight, I think one should generally minimize oversight in those things, but this is a case where you have a very serious danger to the public."

Elon Musk - "Usually there will be something, technology that causes damage or death, there will be an outcry, there will be an investigation, years will pass, there will be some sort of insight committe, rule making, oversight, then eventually regulations, this all takes many years."

Dr. Susan Tyler(Mira Sorvino) from Mimic - "nobody else up there knows about this, nobody would, not until it's too late!"

By the way, I'm not sure if I'm the first to use an underwater drone within freshwater of North America, there was probably a few hobbyist before me, but what suprises me is how the majority of public doesn't even realize there's underwater drones now for sale in the consumer sector... This technology has hit the market, yet Americans are unaware!!! Yet they're still in just talks of regulations in some countries! I think underwater drones is just minor to AI or genetically modified organism, especially considering we sort of live in a Gerontocracy, my main worry is having a government filled with politicians that are old and not tech savy enough like Musk to predict what may happen in the future with these technologies... Do you think Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are tech savy enough? Basically educated enough in these backgrounds to be passing rules, predicting the risk to reward ratio if the technology was every released!? Here's what Andrew Yang said...

Andrew Yang - "The U.S. government is 24 years behind on tech."

Also a huge worry, sadly once some of these genetically modified organisms are released into the environment, aka once pandora's box is open, there's no putting them back. Something to think about!

Lara Croft - Cradle of Life - Pandora's Box

Lara Croft(Angelina Jolie) - Put it back!

Terry Sheridan(Gerard Butler) - I don't think so!

Lara Croft - It could kill millions of innocent people!!

Terry Sheridan - Now you're being dramatic...

Lara Croft - Put it back!!!

Terry Sheridan - "no!!!!"

Update: July 6, 2022 - 4:02pm

Lancet Covid-19 Commission Head Professor Jeffrey Sachs (University Professor Columbia at University) - "I'm pretty convinced it came from from a US Lab, biotechnology, not out of nature..."

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