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Joe Rogan on TV Show Succession

Joe Rogan - "They're all fucking crazy! You shouldn't get money easy, it's like you want to be working, work and reward, you want reward for your work but I'm a person that when I get reward from my work, I like to be generous, I like to spread it around, but I also like to have fun and I feel like you're not around for very long."

What's ironic about blue collar conservatives, is how much they hate those that supposedly abuse the system and don't work, then call them Socialists, despite many of these Americans working hard and become disabled from their job, when in reality these same conservatives don't realize it's the other way around how some of the upper class haven't worked a day in their life... But that's the con and hypocrisy they sell you with capitalism! Without a doubt, someone like Rupert Murdoch has worked his ass off to achieve the company he has now along with Bezos, their stories are very inspiring to entrepreneurs, but the question is, who is going to inherit their fortunes and powerful corporations? That's the main worry as it's starting to show through TV shows like Succession about rich children that didn't have to work majority of their life, then grow up with major entitlement, inherit money and power, have a twisted perception on life and the world, then have major influence on our politicians through lobbyism(legalized bribary). Remind you in a true democracy, a titled role as a politician isn't inherited but earned and elected by their own people into office.

"Robert F. Kennedy Jr tells Tucker this is turning America into a system of socialism for the rich!"

Anyone seen the movie Foxcatcher? About John Du Pont...

"John Du Pont was the exact opposite of Dave Schultz, in that he never worked for anything in his life, he was entirely unskilled and got by because of money, he never had to work for."

The movie showed a little, but it didn't show a lot, you gotta read this article about the 17 strange facts about John Du Pont, you'll find it very very interesting!

The Police Let Him Play Cop - "Du Pont was chummy with local law enforcement, buying them bullet-proof vests and even training them at his personal gun range. "In return," The New York Times notes, he was allowed to play police officer, driving around with a badge, gun and siren. Apparently, du Pont even bought a replica police car and uniform. He made traffic stops outside of his estate, and wrote citations for speeders."

Amazing clip from a phenominal movie called Emperor's Club!

"The underlying most nefarious trait that makes narcissists so dangerous is their sense of entitlement, their sense of I deserve. This is the eighth of nine traits associated with diagnostic NPD or Narcissistic Personality."

"Survey had shown that more than 50 percent of self-identifying Republicans believed that universities were bad for America, really that universities were actually a negative, harmful force in American life."

"If you ask me what’s an elite? I would think more about the many, many billionaires sitting in the Trump administration. Here’s a government with more super-rich people in it than has ever been in any American government, and that government calls college professors and journalists elites."

After more and more information is starting to get leaked about the Virus, not only being a lab leak with new revelations on ground zero patient being scientist Ben Hu, but possibly a biological weapon as well too... I find it very interesting when some of our Politicians claim old people should volunteer to die to save the economy, aka capitalism, even some politician planning to terminate social security disability when scientists like Michio Kaku even explain we're jumping from Type 0 civilization to Type 1 where we'll be manipulating genetics in labs, meaning this could be used to cure disease to benefit society or even weaponize these pathogens.

Former CIA Agent Jim Semivan - "You know, let me just say this, the last 10 years, I consulted with the intelligence community, and I was working on counter biological weapons. I mean, almost every government agency has come out and warned people that this is going to be happening down the road, and it's just a question of when."

As we enter an era of genetic manipulation, I hope you thoroughly examine who you elect into office a candidate that has Empathy, because if you experience longterm side effects from a rushed Vaccine like Brianne Dressen or experience longterm Covid from the Virus, maybe even chronic lyme like Avril Lavigne or Shania Twain, that has taken 10 years to recover, unlike them who are millionaires your money will eventually run out.

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