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Kevin Van Dam Tips on Strike King Ned Rig & Thunder Cricket

I was lucky enough to get to the Ultimate Fishing Show early enough to capture some video footage of Kevin Van Dam giving away some great fishing tips on the Strike King Ned RigThunder CricketSwimbaitRed Eye ShadSquarebill and even their popular Jerkbait. But honestly, what I was amazed with was being able to see Kevin Van Dam this close in person and being able to see him catch a beautiful rainbow trout, it's just fun to watch the video just for that reason. I mean Van Dam will go down as a legend in fishing history, I think it's safe to say he's the Michael Jordan of bass fishing.

They were taking questions at the end and I was going to ask Kevin if he's aware of the new underwater drones that have hit the market, like the Gladius Mini and Geneinno T1? How this technology may change the sport with time, big time! Anways, maybe I'll make a video instead and give me thoughts how this technology will effect fishing. If you haven't seen this old video from MonsterQuest on the History Channel, I think this kind of shows what this technology may be used for in the some time future, with the sonar that's set to roll out for the Chasing M2, Geneinno T1, and QYSEA Fifish W6. Imagine before a tournament roles around, you'd be able to take this technology and locate the biggest bass in the lake. Some of these drones are already working on 3D mapping, here's an image of the bottom filmed by the Gladius Mini, imagine how useful this could be for finding honey holes?

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