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Medical System and Unnecessary Surgeries

I think we're coming into an era where technology, aka the internet, has completely surpassed the medical system with treatment and cures...

When I was in my 20s, I had got bitten by my dog, possibly contracted what I suspect was Bartonella, what some know it as Cat Scratch Fever, even known as Trench Fever in WW2 times. It's also very likely, I could of contracted it from a tick, as I've always hunted and fished throughout my life in the woods. When Bartonella first started to show it's ugly face, one of the symptoms was low thyroid hormone levels on my lab results, first thing a St. Clair Shores doctor by the name of Dr. Nannapaneni wanted to do, was surgery, take out my thyroid at 28 years old and put me on a thyroid hormone pill. I explained to her, how could this be, I stay in shape, I workout, I lift weights, I eat healthy, bottom line I'm only 28 years old...? She tried to convince me that I also like to drink and don't eat right which I don't do, but suggested a lot of Americans do this, as I explained to her well I'm not every American. She also wanted to place me on cholesterol drug without leaving her facility because in her eyes my cholesterol levels were quite high too. She kind of laughed at me when I talked about bodybuilding, as if it was a joke, like she was above the sport, being all high and mighty. Afterwards, I kind of smirked and laughed back at her, as I thought and knew this lady was off her rocker, as if she's been programmed in some way.

So first thing I thought I'd do, is research my symptoms to death on the internet, try to match them up with various diseases or a possible pathogen of some sort. It wasn't easy, but with time, I put my criminal justice investigative skills at work... As some of these investigative skills I learned studying Crimonology at U of D Mercy, it later became quite useful in helping me investigate my own health down the road. So I tried to find the answer why I have low energy levels, my thyroid hormones are out of whack, and also have a little arthritis. First thing I stumbled across was Candida, where the symptoms seem to match up with this fungal infection, but not quite, however, one candida article matched me up with a Osteopathic Doctor in Romeo Michigan named James L Ziobron... I thought, well, I've never been to a Osteopathic doctor, but was always open minded to alternative treatment, because I always used supplements and vitamins over the years to stay healthy.

Anyways, he said, yes, you could have candida, maybe even a parasite of some sort that could also be causing your symptoms, so I took a candida test and also a parasite test, where for the most part, both came back negative. Afterwards, he said, well since those came back negative, he also said he has this test kit from a more advanced lab in California called Igenex which also tests for tickborne diseases, so I did that test and what ya know it came back full positive, where a recent test I tried a month earlier called the ELISA, which only tests for only 1 strain of the borrelia bacteria came back false negative. I thought well man, here we go, now we're onto something. I can hop on some antibiotics, kill this bug, get back to normal. Little did I know, this was going to be a long complicated process.

Ticks not only seem to be accompanied with the borrelia pathogen, but coinfections too... And what we know about Lyme Disease now is, that we first thought that the main pathogen which was causing majority of symptoms within lyme was the borrelia bacteria, man we were wrong. Come to find out, coinfections like bartonella seems to play a huger role keeping people sick than we think in similar diagnosis such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Blindness, and even Anxiety... As a Professor by the name of Ed Breitschwerdt from the veterinary sciences at North Carolina State University put it, he’s convinced that Bartonella is the stealth cause of many neurological, inflammatory and chronic diseases in humans.

NorthCarolinaHealthnews.org - "Bartonella is Everywhere, So Why Don’t We Know More About It?"

Dr. Richard Horowitz - "Here's a woman with a very unusual autoimmune disease called Behcet's syndrome, she was sick for 19 years on every immunosuppressive drug known to man kind. I gave her an old tuberculosis drug called pyrazinamide, pyrazinamide is a persister drug that is used for tuberculosis and within two months for the firs time in 20 years, her Behcet's cleared up."

Well after researching it to death, I found out there's two different ways to treat this bacteria called Bartonella, you can use antibiotics like rifampin or natural supplement like A-Bart for the active cells... Both worked well with longterm treatment, I was able to reverse a lot of my symptoms and get a little better, but it wasn't until I started researching persister cells and stumbled across a presentation by a top LLMD Doctor called Dr. Richard Horowitz, that not only explained how bartonella symptoms are misdiagnosed as many autoimmune disorders, but also how a drug like pyrazinamide that targets the "dormant" persister cells directly, not the "active" cells. But as I got better, I thought about the thousands of other people that may not technologically inclined or have the investigative skills to find out the source of their symptoms if they do contract this gram-negative bacteria, I thought about all the people that might have fallen in-between the cracks may have taken the quicker way out such as surgery and had their thyroid removed. What's interesting is, lol, when I researched thyroid disorders whether its Graves Disease(Hyperthyroid) or Hashimoto's Disease(Hypothyroidism) there was a whole host of symptoms that matched up with Bartonella symptoms, I'm like owe wow, this is sending me down rabbit hole... I also thought, since cats are such a primary host of this bacteria, what percentage of cat owners also have thyroid disorders or weird bartonella like symptoms like anxiety? lol How many cat owners are on anxiety drugs like Xanax, but don't realize why they have so much anxiety? There's this functional medicine doctor that went on Better Health Guy's YouTube channel that said "the thyroid which has incredible blood supply, so that would make sense why Bartonella would be in there and then the immune system is going to try to get rid of the Bartonella right it's going to gobble up foreign material." That could explain why our immune system is attacking our thyroid... And the bartonella infection is just labeled an autoimmune disease or disorder.

Dr. Evan Hirsch - "I had a patient come with bartonella like symptoms, started her on A-Bart, she began to have heart palpitations. I asked when last time you had these symptoms, she said when she had Graves. We were able to wean her off her thyroid medicine. And I've seen since then, people with bartonella symptoms and thyroid issues, at about 70%-80% when we treat them with the A-Bart, we're able to get them off thyroid medicine completely."

Come to find out, this isn't the only disease or disorder that dives into unnecessary surgery that could otherwise be treated longterm... I know a person, that once had a growing thyroid within her womb, in which the doctor said since this is taking so much blood from your system, making you light headed and anemic, making your chew on ice all day long, you're going to need major surgery and have a hysterectomy to have it removed since the thyroid is connected to her ovaries. Little did I know, after having the hysterectomy to what the doctor claimed "would save her life," later she would turn into a whole different person, it was if a light switch went on. See when you remove a major organ of your body, you're changing the whole hormonal balance of a person's body, same thing could be said about the thyroid.

There's a older article on Daily Mail, of where a woman had a hysterectomy, she said if she knew what it would have done to her teeth, hair falling out, aging her skin, and depression... She would of never done the surgery for her excruciating period pains, she would of kept taking painkillers instead. The lady Debbie Harvey said she almost lost her marriage also do to having the hysterectomy! Then I thought, well, those two words might go together, "hysterectomy" and "divorce." So I did a little research, one article that popped up was on the social media site "Steemit - Hysterectomy = Divorce." This author of the article blatantly said "If you are a married woman or a woman with a partner, you will most likely end up in divorce or separation because of doctor prescribed hysterectomies."

She also said "If the female patient is not well educated by doing lots of online research and reading the forums for the thousands of women crying for help after their hysterectomies and then being kicked to the curb by their doctors then you may be frightened into scheduling a hysterectomy right away. Do not believe your doctor when they tell you that their hysterectomy surgeries are booked up that you will not be able to get in until a few months later if you forgo it right now. That is a scare tactic these crooks use in order to scare women into doing these dangerous and life altering major surgeries."

Interesting, since I also came across two sites where one was called Hers Foundation that talked about the linking after effects to hysterectomies like bowel constipation and Atlii.com, a site that explained how women trust doctors, women do not normally question doctors, women lack knowledge of alternative treatments available. Dr. John C.Lipman - "Every year out of the 600,000 hysterectomies that are performed in the United States, approximately 540,000 are not medically necessary. Shocking, right? Although research over the last decade has revealed that the uterus is tied to so many other critical women’s health functions, hysterectomies continue to be unnecessarily performed."

Scary statistics this Doctor is suggesting every year out of the 600,000 hysterectomies that are performed in the United States, approximately 540,000 are not medically necessary...

Now question is, since new information and studies have surfaced on the internet to treat these diseases and disorders instead of unnecessary surgery, why is the medical system still stagnate? Why is technology like the internet moving forward with suggesting new treatment and cures, but the standard medical system is still using old unnecessary surgeries? I've heard many answers given, some say a "for profit system" where there's more money to be made in surgeries than treatments such as antibiotics, when it comes to taking out a thyroid out versus antibiotics for bartonella. Some say to solve this issue, we need less regulation and more of a free market system to solve this issue so more Naturopathic and Alternative Doctors get a chance in this system to treat, since so many are considered out of the network and do no take regular health insurance. Then there's the thought, what if the money thing is the sole reason of what's corrupting the medical system... Whatever it may be, we do have a dilemma on our hands don't we? I always talk about a balance between regulations and big business right...?

One things for sure, there's been some mysterious deaths among Doctors and Naturopathic Doctors preaching opposite of the what the medical system preaches, it's becoming so bad that local news stations like CBS 46 and CBS 12 are doing their own investigation... CBS12.com - "Consbruck says Hedendal was in great physical shape. He was an outspoken critic of traditional medicine which has raised questions as to if he was targeted."

What also plagues my mind, how someone like Doctor Oz was brought up on trial for his natural remedies, meanwhile Sackler family was never brought to trial despite how many people died and suffered from Opioids. I mean bottom line, even if Doctor Oz's supplements aren't as effective as he's claiming to be, really how bad could the side effects be from a natural supplement?

PBS.org - "Thursday's hearing may be the closest thing to a trail for Sackler family members, who victims say helped spark and prolong the epidemic."

I'll say this, something never sat right with me after Chris Bell asked ex-pharma rep Gwen Olsen "aren't you afraid the pharmaceutical industry is gonna kill you? Hell no I'm afraid they're gonna kill you and you and you and everybody i know and everybody i love and i'm still gonna be sitting here screaming to the top of my lungs that's what i'm afraid of."

Sometimes when I look into these Doctors eyes, I don't see a Doctor that has taken a oath to heal for the sakeness of good, I see a Gordon Gecko like Doctor that is driven for profit and greed, really this is what some Doctors have been caught doing on the much popular TV show American Greed: unnecessary radiation, unnecessary surgery etc... It's ironic that Chris did a documentary on Prescription Thugs, then released another documentary on alternative treatment like Kratom called A Leaf of Faith. In Bigger Stronger Faster, he had on strongman Louie Simmons, the genius who developed a workout machine called Reverse Hyper that could possibly heal your back from a bulging disk instead of unnecessary back surgery.

I have a story for you... My father went to a Veterinary hospital down the road from Dr. Ziobron's office in Romeo for treatment for our dog, he brought up the topic of lyme disease with them and even mentioned the success the Osteopath Doctor down the road from them has been having with the disease for humans, the two office clerks said "you mean the quack down the road..."

I think it's very interesting how many people think that Osteopaths and Naturopaths are Quacks, when so many people are being sucked into unnecessary surgery and autoimmune drugs for their diseases and disorders...

My thoughts are, once technology becomes so advanced, it will not only be able to solve crime instantly, but also cure many diseases and disorders... But hey, maybe I don't know what I'm talking about ?

Years ago, there was a documentary on a genius named Aaron Swartz, which talked about how he realized there was a lot of information Universities were hiding from the public, he took it upon himself to break into a secured space of where the servers were, then tried to spill all that information onto the web. What do you think was on those servers? Cures maybe? Remember knowledge is power...

"He was the Internet's own boy and the old world killed him!"

Update: May 29, 2023 - Incredible podcast that popped up in my algorithm feed, some of the information told by this FBI agent are haunting! If you read this blog, you know I'm quite the fan of the Predator series... "Edwin was a doctor and serial killer who was kidnapped by the Super Predators and taken to the Game Preserve Planet in 2010."

"Professionals are really so honest and so dedicated, but because they work in that environment where so many people are so honest and so dedicated, it's easier for them to get away with murder."

"Traditional serial killer kills on maybe between 6-8 people, average medical serial killer is doing 60 people."

"He may prove to be the most deadly of them all"

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