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Merry Christmas, Shitter was Full! – iRobot Vacuum Records Woman on Toilet

While I enjoy using drones myself, whether it's underwater drones or aerial drones, this is only for a small period of time, then the batteries are removed and it's turned off. Those that have total trust in a drone navigating around their house at all times, has their Alexa in their home turned on at all times, has a smart watch wrapped around their wrist at all times, or even has their cell phone in their pocket at all times. I warned once warned someone I know how trustworthy Generation Z is on all this technology, because they're growing up with it, think it's normal and don't realize rules/guidelines haven't been set yet... Well come to find out, that an iRobot Roomba Vacuum Robot was navigating around one woman's house, which has cameras on the vacuum to sense bumping into things so it can navigate around, well the vacuum instead used these cameras to record a woman on the toilet, then the images were sent to Venezuelan workers that later shared it to Facebook... Merry Christmas, Shitter was Full! Even though the shitter was full quote is kind of funny slogan for the iRobot Vacuum, I think this Slogan will be better fit from the iRobot Movie "you know somehow I told you so just doesn't quite say it!"

California or what some call Tree Hugger Hippy State, were one of the first to link Glyphosate to Cancer and labet it a carcinogenic potential under Proposition 65, remind you Germany just banned this herbicide in Germany for 2023 and German company Bayer just bought out Monsanto. So they're sometimes one of the first to be ahead of the game on rules and guidelines, as they just set guidelines for Cell Phones Recently.

Believe it or not, Eternal Angler still has a hard wire Ethernet cord still running to all his computers, doesn't use wifi, and if I do use a cell phone, I do not talk with it up to my head and mostly use speaker phone and primarily texting, do not keep it in my pocket either for long periods of times, as recommended by one of our local Doctors in the area, good ol' Dr. Nandi on Channel 7 Detroit News. If you haven't watched his show yet, The Dr. Nandi Show, be sure to watch a few episodes. What he said in one episode is, that Russian Government, Chinese Government & others Governments know of the threat RFR radiation poses to our health, but still hasn't come out with guidelines, I think this goes back to what Elon Musk said about Ai, in an analogy how long it took to come out with laws for seatbelts but the auto industry fought and fought to delay(hint)....

Elon Musk - "Usually it'll be something some new technology will cause damage or death there will be an outcry there will be an investigation years will pass there will be some sort of insight committee there will be rule making then there will be oversight eventually regulations this all takes many years this is the normal course of things if you look at say automotive regulations how long did it take for seat belts to be implemented to be required you know the water industry fought seat belts i think for more than a decade successfully fought any regulations on seat belts even though the numbers were extremely obvious if you had a seatbelt on you would be far less likely to die or be seriously injured it was unequivocal and the industry fought this for years successfully eventually after many many people died regulators insisted on seat belts if this is a this time frame is not relevant to ai you can't take 10 years from the point which is dangerous it's too late."

Right in front all all your faces, but hey, lets go head first into a swimming pool without any water...

Joe Rogan - "Why would they allow Glyphosate to infest our all our foods."

I like what Elon Musk said here... 4:58 "Government I think just try to get out of the way and not impede progress, I think there's a general problem not just in the US but in most countries where the rules and regulation keep increasing every year, rules and regulations are Immortal they don't die, 11:319 but I'm not someone who's "extreme" Liberatrian and the Government(Musk sleeps next to painting of George Washington) should not do anything." What he's talking about in all this is balance!

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