Scientific Stanford Writer Kris Newby – “Airborne Bioweapons Test Near St. Clair”

After studying Lyme Disease, aka borreliosis and bartonella for quite some time, I started doing some of my own investigative research into another realm of this bacteria actually being man made. When people think of the word man made, they think it's been conjured up out of thin air and completely artificially constructed by human beings. This is not how it works, pathogens can be taken out of the environment, then genetically modified in a lab or they can just be made to be more aggressive... Why would a scientist want to do that as Professor Brett Weinstein says? To basically plan ahead with a Vaccine down the road, it's called gain of function research!

Problem is, from time to time, these excelled or genetically modified organisms escape from labs, it's even happened when a scientist mated a African honey bee with a European honey bee, it then escaped the lab into what is known as the Killer Bee. Be sure to read about the 10 incidents at labs down below...

USA Today - "10 Incidents Discovered At The Nation's Biolabs"

Dr. Rand Paul - in 2012 Dr. Fauci said in an email "even if a pandemic should occur, research was worth it."

Couple years ago, I emailed Scientific Stanford Writer Kris Newby when the trailer of her new documentary is coming out, based on her book Bitten, which talked a little about lab leaks and more about bioweapons program within the military, she said "she didn't know yet," little did both of us know what was about to unfold with another possible lab leak in a year or so... What caught my attention though, is how she emailed me back saying there was "bioweapons test near St. Clair," she also sent me a video of the location... I told her when the trailer comes out, notify me, I'll upload it to my channel, but after YouTube hit me with a warning on a recent lab leak video I did last year, they claim next one will be a strike, I guess I'll be just writing a post instead on my blog because of the lab leak ban on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Remind you, she's the producer of the award winning documentary Under Our Skin 1 & 2... If you thought Jacobs Ladder, Tuskegee Experiment, or CIA shipping drugs overseas to black neighborhoods opened your eyes, just wait until her documentary comes out... Remind you hunting and fishing community has been hit hard with Lyme Disease just like Babe Winkelman's family, so this why the article so very relevant.

Kris Newby - "Shock of finding out these these unethical medical experiments on people of color, so in my book I unearthed news that in 1962 the us military dropped infected ticks on cuban sugar workers as part of payback for bay of pigs fiasco and then the bioweapons program also did experiments unconsenting on poor black communities in Georgia and in Florida."

As Kris Newby explained after listening to a CIA Dark Ops Agent that got drunk and then expressed "dropping infected ticks on Cuban sugar workers," so the question is, why would part of our Government want target the Northeast Coast with ticks as she explained with this map she sent me on St. Clair? Maybe this time it's not over Racism as University of Michigan talked about, but different ideology instead... One thing I noticed is, ticks and tickborne disease do not seem to be bad down in the south because reptiles like Lizards. If someone wanted to defund the Social Security Program, what better way but create a chronic disease, suggest it's psychosomatic, then show how people are abusing the program with a fake disease, that then would defund and do-away with the program all together, that way majority of the taxes can be used for the Military Industrial Complex instead... Just a theory of course, I don't think it's that far off since a Texas Lieutenant Governor thought old people should volunteer themselves to die to save the economy when the Covid Pandemic hit.

President Eisenhower warned of the military industrial complex and how more money spent on the military meant less money spent on Americans.

What's ironic is, if it's true what some of these podcasts are saying, like the Kris Newby Podcast, CIA agent Jim Semivan video down below, that governments are creating biological weapons meant to disable people to cripple our economies instead of Nukes which could possibly destroy the world, why do some politicians still think we should sacrifice ourselves or do away with disability program all together, isn't that ironic? lol ? I guess that's why they call it the Machine! What's weird is when this disease first sprung up in Lyme Conneticut, is how easily it claimed to be cured with short term antibiotics and that chronic lyme infection didn't exist(considered to be psychosomatic), then later IDSA doctors came to conclusion post Lyme does exist, but it's just PTLDS(autoimmune) and symptoms will go away with time, but now due to more thorough research done by Northeastern University that shows an infection may linger in 1 in 5 because of Persister Cells, it's obvious chronic lyme disease infection does exist and it's not just the Northeastern Study, but the Embers study too at Tulane University, as well as Dr. Sapi's study at University of New Haven that found biofilms in patients even after 16 years of antibiotics. Sometimes I wonder if we still have Nazi cells within our deep state Government, as Hollywood is hinting to in some movies like Avengers and TV shows like Hunters on Netflix and Hunting Hitler on History Channel.

2016 Pulitzer Prize Finalist Journalist Annie Jacobsen - "Amazing photograph of John Kennedy, Lindon Johnson, Kurt Debus sitting for a launch, a moon launch, and there's Debus with his huge dueling scar and oh there position was, he's one of the good Germans. They still give out an award by the way called the Kurt Debus award and I wrang them up saying why are you giving out this award, he was a hardcore Nazi. Rogan - what did they say? They himmed and hawwed, at least tell me what you say to people who ask that question? You know what they said, no one's ever asked us that question before Annie?"

CIA Dark Ops Agent expressed "dropping infected ticks on Cuban sugar workers."

And funny, Lyme PTLDS sounds similar to what I heard John Stewart say about the link between cancer and the pile with 911 first responders. "They were told they weren't sick, they were crazy and then as the illnesses got worse and things became more apparent, well, okay you're sick but it's not from the pile and then when the science became irrefutable, okay it's the pile but this is a New York issue."

And yet here's another video of Jon Stewart talking about Covid possibly being a lab leak, making humor of it all. Sadly, more Americans died in the Pandemic than the Americans who fought in World War 2, I really don't find it at all funny. Especially when it's starting to look like this was an actual lab leak and no investigation was made... And since there's only been like two professors like Professor Bret Weinstein and Professor Jeffrey Sachs calling for investigation and speaking up, does this show how gutless our scientists at Universities are? Yeah it's that bad... Recently Dr. Fauci said he's at high risk after Elon Musk asked for prosecution over claims US doc funded research that started Covid pandemic, actually blaming Musk for his added protection and bodyguards. Did you know at one point too, that the IDSA Doctors needed bodyguards because they were saying Lyme was easily treated and cured, that chronic lyme didn't exist!?

Robert F Kennedy Book - "Pharma-funded mainstream media has convinced millions of Americans that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a hero. Hands down, he is anything but."

Back in 2019, before the Pandemic, there was a claim made that by Congressman Chris Smith that there was going to be an investigation into whether or not Ticks and Lyme was used as bioweapons, what happened? I guess you're basically asking the Pentagon to investigate themselves. And people wonder why so many Americans are Libertarians now, the lies are adding up, and the one thing the internet doesn't do, is forget...

John Lennon - "American government, Russian, Chinese Government what they are actually trying to do you know on how would what they think they're doing probably very pleased to know what they think they're doing, I think they're all insane, you know but I'm liable to be put away as insane for expressing that!"

And while Kris Newby did say in one podcast, while a lab leak is possible, it's also possible that the Russia or some other government knew there was testing go on at Plum Island, so they inflicted an outbreak to make it look like an actual outbreak happened there by our own Government, creating a sort of false flag... At this point, I think most agree, it's hard to tell what the fuck is going on, but to make sense of it all, a quote from the movie Outbreak. Morgan Freeman - "We don't just do research and it ends there Sam, we have to defend ourselves against the other maniacs developing biological weapons, that's the way the game is played." I read one article said, WW3 won't be played out with nuclear weapons because that could destroy the world, but with chemical and biological agents. Some food for thought...

There were polls taken across the multiple countries and continents what citizens thought of Covid being a bioweapon, in Russia, 2 in 3 Russians thought Covid was a bioweapon. Only 3 in 10 Americans believe Covid was leaked from a lab despite Brett Weinstein suggesting lab leak looked to be about 90 percent in June. Are American's this naive? Considering biological agents have been used since medievil times? "Genghis Khan used plague infected bodies as catapult ammo to hurl over the enemy walls. Hannibal is credited, along with a long list of other accreditations, gets my vote for most unique form of biological warfare. In 184 BC, Hannibal ordered his Carthaginian troops to fill large clay pots with some of the most venomous snakes that they could find. In the ensuing naval battle against the Pergamenes, the clay pots were then launched onto the enemies ships. The clay would shatter and now the Pergamene ships were now filled with angry venomous snakes amidst the chaos that was already ensuing. It is believed that the Romans were the first to launch dead animals over castle walls."

Dr. Brett Weinstein - "matter of fact in June the chances that it came from the lab looked to me to be about 90 percent."

I think it's quite apparent how constantly shielding Americans from the truth has sort of created an environment where everything is considered a fake conspiracy theory after the ex-CDC director Robert Redfield received death threats just for mentioning his theory on Covid just being a lab leak. A lot of conservative news have recently told their parents to tell their kids the truth about the threat from Nuclear Weapons, well what about biological weapons? Some say the reason why corporate media isn't being honest about the topics is due to the Geneva Convention agreement between governments, that since biological weapons are so sinister and devastating to human beings, that they should never be used in warfare. What does Kris Newby state, crimes against humanity have been committed. Some also say, the future is usually told through Hollywood's movies, whatever you see in some of the sci-fi action flicks, some say that is that may be the next technology of the future, after analyzing the recent James Bond flick, well here ya go.

Bond, Topical Bond: Bioweapons and DNA Insecurity in ‘No Time to Die’

Are No Time to Die's designer diseases possible in real life? The science behind Bond

Retired CIA Agent Jim Semivan - "last 10 years, I consulted with the intelligence community, and I was working on counter biological weapons. And one of the corollaries to that was, you know, working on pandemics and talking about pandemics. I can't tell you how many meetings I sat in with the government from people that did nothing. But talk about the coming pandemic CIA has written intelligence assessments on it. So has DIA. I mean, almost every government agency has come out and warned people that this is going to be happening down the road, and it's just a question of when, but the problem with this is, nobody listens, government does not listen!"

If you have time, be sure to listen to the numerous podcasts Kris Newby has appeared on... Numerous lol, I think the right word is shit load!!! What's the old saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Remind you both Kris and her two children were infected with lyme! FBI and CIA gonna have their hands full censoring her as she hits up every podcast known to man on YouTube, Daily Mail just came out with a piece how many agents are intrenched on Facebook and YouTube, I'm sure they're a good job of de-platforming Russian agents from spreading propaganda, but I'm sure they're also censoring the lab topic and funding of the Wuhan Lab too! Maybe down the road I'll talk about project paperclip and how German Nazi scientists like Erich Traub helped develop this technology, but for now, just read Lab 257, watch Under the Eightball(Michigan Director) or Jesse Ventura's piece on Plum Island. "The godfather of the Plum Island laboratory was a Nazi bioweapon expert, Erich Traub, who was brought to the United States after the Second World War."

Jesse Ventura - "In your opinion what's the worse case scenario we face, the worse case scenario is they get out of the lab and create the pandemic that we all been worrying about, sounds like we dodge a bullet so far, but luck can't hold out forever."

Stanford Writer Kris Newby on Podcasts across YouTube, be sure to watch!

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By the way, if ya got nothing better to do this Holiday Weekend, there's this new video game out called Plague Inc, where you can customize your own bioweapon scenarios, what ya know Lyme Disease and ticks is available as a scenario, have fun... By the way, Washington Post said - No, Lyme disease is not an escaped military bioweapon."

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