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Women & Men Super Self Absorbed through Social Media

I've talked about how we're kind of living in a social credit system without realizing it... We're just now starting to see some of the serious repercussions of this new system I think, it's definitely divided the country up on politics without any middle ground... You have people worshiping being the next Influencer, instead of the next Astronaut... We're gonna see how things play out down the road from that as 60 minutes was suggesting...

But I'm starting to see this growing trend of men and women super self absorbed with themselves through social media, they aren't making time for relationships with their partners, friends or family members anymore. Lately I've been seeing this growing trend of women at gyms if you watch Kenny KO's channel or even Nick Strength & Power, women instead of appreciating a compliment of a man watching them or saying something nice to them, they're twisting it and then calling men perverts! Tim Pool kind of recently talked about this on his podcast relating it to a mouse experiment...

"There were some called the beautiful ones, Shane Cashman wrote about this beautiful ones of universe 25, that they would just groom themselves all day and just make themselves look prettier and prettier, they won't mate, they're just obsessed with themselves.

Ever hear this story from Greek Mythology?

"Narcissus (/n??r?s?s?s/; Ancient Greek: ????????? Nárkissos) was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia (alternatively Mimas or modern day Karaburun, Izmir) who was known for his beauty. According to Tzetzes, he rejected all romantic advances, eventually falling in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, staring at it for the remainder of his life."

This same story could be applied to modern day with people so obsessed with admiring themselves through their selfies on Instagram, they eventually fall in love with their own self image on Instagram rather than others! Gets back to what Elon Musk hinted to with population collapse...

Studying the Human mind shows a very dark side of humanity sometimes, but it's better to know this stuff, so you are aware when you come across a person like this whether it's in the work place, at the gym or even at a park fishing... Ya know, I've gotten approached many times from some local fishermen on admiration of my YouTube channel, most know I still take the time to be courteous and share my knowledge with anyone to help make them a better angler! Even then, I still find myself forcing myself to take breaks from social media or youtubing because I get so wrapped up in it at times... Remember family and friends comes first!

I loved how Captain Drone decided to break from YouTube and break it down why... Remind you, I not only have a huge interest in hobbies like fishing, but weight lifting, gaming, drones, hockey, cars, baseball, basketball etc... List goes on and on, why I have a tendency to mix my other hobbies into solely one youtube channel rather than multiple channels which I don't have time for... We have all this excitement and endorphin release at our finger tips when watching these incredible videos on youtube and photos on instagram, it's hard to even take a break from it all, you have to sit down look around for awhile to admire your friends and family, remember life moves pretty fast! lol

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