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Musky Town T-Shirt

Arcasting thought this nickname up for mouth of the marina at Grosse Pointe Yacht Club in Grosse Pointe Shores... Every time we went bass fishing on my boat, he's said take me to Musky Town, especially when the smallies were acting finicky! I never ever thought that one day I'd hear a bass fishermen like Ar telling to me to take him pike/musky fishing, he even lost a couple of Megabass jerkbaits to pike that day, he still kept coming back for more! I then told him, hey man, that would make for a nice T-shirt, so here we are. From what I remember, he lost like 4 or 5 110+1 Megabass jerkbaits on Esox one day lol. Just a tip, if you're using a jerkbait at this honey hole, make sure you use a leader!

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