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Musky Spincast Reel?

So after putting out a video, suggesting that a premium and more heavier duty spincast like the Big Cat, Zebco 888 or 808 Salt Fisher could be used for musky fishing. One angler remarked "You have lost your mind, just because you can, doesn't mean you should." As I responded, if a fishing company can…
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Home Depot’s Co-Founder says Rise of Socialism is Making People Too lazy, Too Fat, and Too stupid to Work

Home Depot's co-founder says the rise of 'socialism' is making people 'too lazy,' 'too fat,' and 'too stupid' to work From the article - "To be sure, America isn’t known for being a socialist country. " I read this title recently and had to laugh... Look before I get into a rant about crony capitalism,…
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Scientific Stanford Writer Kris Newby – “Airborne Bioweapons Test Near St. Clair”

After studying Lyme Disease, aka borreliosis and bartonella for quite some time, I started doing some of my own investigative research into another realm of this bacteria actually being man made. When people think of the word man made, they think it's been conjured up out of thin air and completely artificially constructed by human…
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