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Ford Mercury Hot Rod from Book of Love 1990

[caption id="attachment_9778" align="alignright" width="280"]Muscle Car bench seat that was very sexualized and good for cuddling, amongst other things![/caption]Vice and many other news publications emphasized on a study that suggests the reason why some men are so attracted to sports cars because they are trying to make up for compensation, lol, while I'm not surprised there's…
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Infrared Aerial Drone

Have you see the wicked drone equipped with infrared recording a dog tracking down a wild boar? It's definitely made it's rounds on Facebook, the technology is pretty amazing I'd quite say and we're starting to find it's use for even tracking down wounded whitetail deer when hunting, there's an entire YouTube channel based on…
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Mental Health Awareness

So mental health awarness month is right around the corner folks, I thought I'd get a jump on this after seeing an increase of suicides this past week in the news, one of them being YouTuber Coconut Kitty, aka Diana Deets. It's probably not right to pass too much judgement on a person, considering you…
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Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise ‘you saved Hollywood’s ass’ and Top Gun saved the Entire Theatrical Industry’

This is an important article that every American should read! Steven Spielberg tells Tom Cruise 'you saved Hollywood's ass' and Top Gun: Maverick 'saved the entire theatrical industry’ in moving clip from Oscars luncheon It's incredible how much film and video technology is important to our economy, culture, and country.... These aren't just videos, there's…
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