Could being on Finasteride and Vegan Diet change your Passion on Wanting to Hunt/Fish?

"There are fat soluble nutrients that you cannot get from plants: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K2, vitamin E. You cannot get these from plants."

"Creatine is a bioactive compound that's lacking in plant-based diets. It plays an important role in brain and muscle function."

There definitely seems to be a completely opposite way of thinking on dieting in California versus the way some people are thinking in states where hunting and fishing are more popular like Texas and Michigan, both MI and TX known to be big into the Great Outdoors recreationally wise. Question is what is causing this? I for one am very supportive of climate change activism and reducing emissions, but by everyone going on a Vegan diet realistic for reducing cow fart emissions? Considering how tough it is and how much determination it can take to say on this diet. It can be done, if you're replacing your meats with omega 3 fats and testosterone synthetically with supplements, but even if you're using supplements to keep your omega 3, creatine, and vitamin d3, k1 and k2 levels sufficient, you better be testing your blood weekly? They may not be absorbing properly into your body. Here's a story of a surfer even though he was out in the sun all day and supplementing Vitamin d, his vitamin d levels were still down until he used a enzyme supplement called papaya.

At a young age, it's very vital for a young male to be getting his nutrition, this case in hand of a young boy dieing from malnutrition by going Vegan! I also think it's even more vital to have your testosterone levels checked when an older male is trying to conceive with a woman while being on a Vegan diet as well too, considering to what actor Ashton Kutcher is hinting to while being on Finasteride...

There not only seems to be a trend in California to be on this diet which I think is very unrealistic, but also a unrealistic passion to sacrifice your health for your hair and acting career, typical fake Hollywood right? It's slowly starting to leak out on YouTube how many male actors have done this to keep their career going, I think Derek from More Plates More Dates briefly touched on this with Dax and Kutcher, but now that Kutcher's career is basically over with and he wants to have children with Kunis, he's decide to ditch this DHT blocker... So in a nutshell, all this time Kutcher has been sacrificing his chance to reproduce for having hair and a career, as numerous studies have shown Finasteride could cause infertility issues in men. Question now stands, how many male actors have done this to keep their career going? Joe Buck who's had 9 hair transplants, hinted to McConaughey having a hair transplant in a recent podcast, but even if you have a transplant, it doesn't promise that you'll keep your hair... Since you'll need a DHT blocker for keeping your hair...

Now getting down to the nitty gritty, with these Actors and Directors like Kutcher and Cameron who are setting the standard in the film industry what a man's perfect diet and look should be with their films and documentaries like Game Changers, what a man should be doing with their spare time recreationally such as yoga versus hunting/fishing as a sport, both seem to be great for the mind and some form of meditation, but question is, when you set the standard that men in their 30s and 50s should still have their hair? What kind of example is this setting?

Not only that, I have a theory that a Man being on a Vegan diet and Finasteride is not only changing the Man's testerone levels, but also changing the way he thinks, what he want's to do recreationally for a sport. Here's a clip when one man went on finasteride and developed post finasteride syndrome and doesn't want to train doing jujitsu and going to the gym anymore... Now it makes me wonder, if he's lost the enthusiasm to train at the gym, I wonder if low DHT and low testosterone levels could have the same effect on wanting to hunt and fish anymore too, this could explain why we're not seeing any hunting and fishing movies from Hollywood anymore? The problem I think when humans are on a drug or diet like this, it slowly changes them, their thought process and how they go about their life not noticing it when competing in sports and other recreational hobbies, the change isn't instant so they don't notice it, but it's slowly changing them and how they perceive the world around them... I also suspect, be surrounded by the same people with the same thought proccess in one particular state, whether it's opinions on politics or sports/recreational hobbies, makes you think the world is one way and not the other... When the world always has a balance, there'll also be a peaceful side, as well as a hostile side, always!

And do you think it's realistic that people, especially men should be on this Vegan diet when there's studies showing what microplastics and herbicides like Atrazine are doing to testosterone levels in men? Patrick Bet David just had on Mr Olympia Chris Bumstead stressing the importance of testosterone levels during the time when microplastics are reducing levels in men, what effect this is probably having on health and reproduction, but how about what effect this is having on the the military...

"The US military is struggling with 'skinny fat recruits' - those who appear slim and healthy but fail mandatory fitness tests because they lack muscle mass. A growing number of active duty personnel are also overweight after obesity levels ballooned during the pandemic."

Dr. Andrew Huberman - "If you're not getting enough fat, forget getting decent testosterone, sub-caloric low fat diet(Veganism) it's a form of nutritional castration, that's absolutely deadly to the reproductive system.

Here's a clip of a YouTube Biohacker by the name of Lucas Aoun that said he would never sacrifice his health and testosterone levels by using a DHT blocker like Finasteride, suggesting we still don't know the repercussions of a drug like this, kind of like what we're realizing with women being on birth control and being attracted to feminine guys...

Lucas Aoun - "Side effect is like when you use it you can't actually get hard which is very interesting like on one hand you're growing your hair but on the other hand even if you become handsome and you have a girl then you can't use your yeah that's a that's a common trade-off and you know a lot of guys just end up you know weighing it up asking themselves like is it worth you know trying to keep their hair versus like maintaining sexual performance and for me at least I mean I will never ever use any powerful DHT blocker."

"if you were to deliberately lower DHT levels in the body systemically you'll end up as a shemale"

"that you'll suffer from a micro penis, you'll have a full head of hair but you'll be less muscular."

Will always be a huge fan of James Cameron, appreciate his activism for climate change and the environment, but the question I have for him is, calling Testosterone a toxin and have to rid it from your body... I loved his potrayal of peaceful Aliens in the movie Abyss and how nuclear weapons could destroy the planet, but on the flip side what happens when you have a weak military that doesn't have strong testosterone and can't meat physical requirements, what if one day that hostile threat comes from outer space? Considering what historian Richard Dolan said to Jimmy Church...?

"If you don't have a military in this country, that can't combat that and at least act as a deterrent to them doing things you're gonna get taken over!"

Richard Dolan - "that means that they like us were apex predators 100 right they dominated their Planet, they kicked ass and that's right yeah because they like us discovered the secret of Science and rationality and logic and they started to they got the keys to the kingdom which is science and they dominated all the other species on their Planet guaranteed yes and even if they're not violent now guarantee they're used to getting their own way."

"I think on one he is really dangerously wrong, Stephen Greer says is actually truly dangerous and and he States it extraterrestrial groups are not hostile to humanity."

"You got to utilize them, seriously you want to scare the enemy all right and rednecks are like America's pit bulls!"

Knowing each ecosystem below and above water on our planet already, each having a Apex... Do you really think that all species of Extrerrestrials are benelevolent? When the time comes and we don't have our pit bull as Bill Burr refers to as Texas, testosterone levels are low and new recruits aren't even meeting requirements, WTF are you going to do?

Remind you this same Director who's been putting out the documentary Game Changer on promoting Veganism, decades ago in the 80s put out a movie called Aliens emphasizing on having a strong space military... Has something changed his way of thinking over the years?

Also, it's very ironic that California and Hollywood are promoting Veganism and using Finasteride when tesosterone levels are at all time low and this could really mess with reproduction, they did at one point put out a movie called Children of Men centering on all this...

Veganism is Killing more than just insects and small animals feeding on crops...

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