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Best Scene in Terminator 2

One of the best scenes: the music, excitement, guns, absolute perfection!!! Completely inspires me in my own videos, I loved Cameron's style of filming, constant adrenaline rush! This style of filming I think grabs a lot of people's attention too, rather than always resulting to clickbait... Although, did Cameron predict the future wrong? Elon Musk…
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Gremlins about as Rare as Tiger Musky?

[caption id="attachment_7130" align="alignright" width="260"]Foo Fighters traveling in a similar formation to our fighter planes, were they trying to help us, communicate with us, to warn us about something during these drastic times?[/caption]What's the old philosophical saying, Art imitates reality, question is, after new revelations of our government saying UAPs exist, also known as Foo Fighters…
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