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What Happened to Low Budget Sports Movies? – Aspen Extreme 1993 & Sideout 1990

If you read this blog, you know I'm quite the critic of Hollywood lately, promoting nonsensical unrealistic diets like Veganism when testosterone levels are at an all time and being obliterated by herbicides like Atrazine... Barely any hunting and fishing movies coming out Hollywood lately... Well what happened to the low budget sports B movies…
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Could being on Finasteride and Vegan Diet change your Passion on Wanting to Hunt/Fish?

"There are fat soluble nutrients that you cannot get from plants: vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin K2, vitamin E. You cannot get these from plants." "Creatine is a bioactive compound that's lacking in plant-based diets. It plays an important role in brain and muscle function." There definitely seems to be a completely opposite way of…
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Robert Kennedy Jr. on Joe Rogan – Herbicide Found in Texans Drinking Water Turns 4 of 40 Male frogs into Females

Hey why won't Rogan have Clean Coal Trump on? If Libtards were smart, they'd run off of slogan, corporations like Monsanto are lowering testosterone in men and their babies with herbicides like Glyphosate and Atrazine, aka Endocrine Distruptor, leading to even castration and Hermaphroditism, that'll definitely grab people's attention! Robert Kennedy Jr. is already kind…
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