Preserving Hormones Testosterone and DHT not Just Masculinity

Correction, we must preserve the hormones Tesosterone and DHT, not just masculinity, we must also look at the science... You can't just wish this into masculinity into existence and it's going to happen, lot of science and studies backing masculinity and testosterone being destroyed by gender bending chemicals Atrazine, Microplastics, PFAS... In order to preserve man first, man must acknowledge these issues first! Which being around the fishing community my whole life, it's safe to say masculine men's strongest trait's definitely isn't science, that is for sure, a Bob Lazar or Michio Kaku or Carl Sagan definitely don't make up any part of the population of the hunting and fishing community. It's time to evolve, pull yourself up by the boot straps, educate yourselves on science, and grow the fuck up! It's not enough to hunt and fish anymore, you need to lift weights, look a the science of using the Sauna to increase test and growth hormone as well as rid your body of toxins, maybe take and cycle a herb like Cistanche or Tongat Ali, eat healthy diet of meat and vegetables. It's not unmanly to ask what's in their food to see if their food is laced with any herbicides or pesticides... along with climate change! It's deeply rooted within man's culture and society trying to be healthy, being an environmentalist is being a panzie or tree hugger, looking at science is unmanly.. Shit has got to change!

James Gregory - "But these are grown American men and this happened. But he asked this truck stop waitresses does she know whether or not any of those scented ingredients have ever been exposed to any type of pesticides."

Robert Kennedy Jr. - "But they took Atrazine, put it in a tank with 40 frogs, for 3 years, they put it below the exposure levels the EPA considers acceptable to humans and 30 of those frogs, they were all male frogs, 30 of those frogs were chemically castrated, 4 of them turned into females and produced fertile eggs. We're subjecting our children to exposure to that every day! It's in the water, it's a pesticide here, it's a toxic herbicide found in many Texans drinking water."

Tim Pool - "Testosterone Levels Are Collapsing In Men, Hormone Disrupters In Our Water Could Be The Cause"

"Has there been for the past 60 years a selection pressure artificially from birth control making women chose to mate with men that have more feminine characteristics, making women have more feminine boys!"

"I like to be in control... very attracted to whose life could very easily be picked up and dropped into mine, someone who doesn't have a super strong self identity, someone who's still figuring things out."

Sadly if we don't change our ways, this will be the end result

"The US military is struggling with 'skinny fat recruits' - those who appear slim and healthy but fail mandatory fitness tests because they lack muscle mass. A growing number of active duty personnel are also overweight after obesity levels ballooned during the pandemic."

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