Flair – “You don’t Own the Water Bro” – “I built it”

Every once and awhile, I like to look up the keywords "fishing fights" on the YouTube platform to see whats popping...

Recently I saw this post on Instagram fishingconspiracies and it had me rolling for hours!

But here's some new fishing videos that I've recently come across and they really get you thinking... Thinking on how many people think they own the water, remember we do live in a free country 🇺🇸

Flair - "You don't own the water bro!"

"I built it"

Hard out here for a pimp 🤣 when you're trying to make the money for the rent!

“Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself"

"Thou shalt not covet" - You shan't covet means that we should banish our desires for whatever doesn't belong to us.

"Thou shalt not kill"

YouTube Fishing Fights are Getting Worse

This slogan from Raw Nutrition has to be the best I've ever heard, it's just an ad from a supplement company, but I agree with just about everything from it... That's why I no longer belong to a car club, fishing club, don't do youtube collaborations anymore due to the amount of shit talking that goes on, I'm just out there to fish, cruise in my car, hunt and have fun... And it's amazing how easily the enjoyment can be ruined within these hobbies, as I always say, a sport so harmless...

"I'm comfortable who I am, not pressed to fit in, not worried about going out partying, not worried about having a lot of friends, just being me, staying out the way, staying in my own lane, and just doing what works for me!"

Anglers literally starting to act like Zombies out here, gonna be staying on my boat from now on, not the shore, to be honest with you!

Dude that guy's foaming from the mouth, again Zombie fishing syndrome...

Some more recent vids...

Dude Demons are real, mofo sounds possessed, watch this short video! 🤣

I'll never forget this shit... I should of mentioned this, when I did a small podcast when I was down in Florida... So after 3 or 4 expeditions at the Marco rocky Peninsula, some of the locals knew me in the area, so one time to start off the fishing day, as I rolled up, walking across the rocks, I heard some shit talking in the background and heard someone say, oh fuck, "I hate this guy..." Oh fuck, I hate this guy, as in he catches all the fish, remind you I hadn't saltwater fished ever in my lifetime, I just applied my freshwater tactics to fishing in the ocean... I tried various baits spinnerbaits, chatterbaits, flare hawk jig, banana jig, but one of the best baits I knew was a jerkbait, aka reaction style bait, never fails... And bam, was smoking fish left and right! Lot of hatred, just for catching fish... 🤣🤣🤣

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