Desktop CNC Machines / 3D Printers used in Collaboration with YouTube Shelf for Lure Making

Without a doubt I'm a critic of capitalism at times when it comes to food and healthcare, our country is failing miserably in these departments since our country is 49th in life expectancy, but what's nice about capital at this moment is how it's making cnc machining and 3D printing much more affordable, which is giving YouTubers and just Entrpeneurs in general more access to starting their own business rather than relying on Sponsors to provide free baits or financing for your future fishing expeditions.

I talked about how you could basically make your own fishing lures and list them down in the YouTube shelf section of your videos promoting them previously... Here's one of the first Fishing YouTubers by the name of "WM Bayou Lures" that is doing this! This gives you the ability to make more money from your videos as well as start a separate lure business in general along with promoting your own custom apparel such as T-Shirts, decals and what not! WM Bayou Lures decided to buy both a 3D printer and/or desktop CNC machine to help making fishing molds to produce custom lures and then promote them on his YouTube shelf, it's rather ingenious if you ask me!

I think making your own lures and owning one of these machines will not only benefit your fishing business in the long run, but also give you the "freedom" to say what you want. If you notice a trend within social media spaces, even what Elon Musk touched upon... Is when some Influencers speak up about a topic, honestly I really don't even care for that word, Entrepreneurs is a word I would rather use, when an Entrepreneur speaks up about a controversial topic, sponsors are known to pull their advertisements or even products from your channel. Personally, I like to be able to speak my mind, our 1st Amendment right is the freedom of speech. If you read my blog, you know I really don't give a shit what people think and come to my own terms on what I think about Climate Change, Vaccine Mandate, Covid being a lab leak in general. Some say climate change is a left belief, lab leak is right conspiracy theory, well come to find out both are very real... And seeing how Lyme Disease which is possibly a lab leak and is being excelled by climate change, remind you hunting and fishing community has been hit hard by this disease, of course I'm going to talk about these topics on my blong and youtube channel regardless of what some company thinks of my ideology or political side, along with other controversial topics like Cryptids in the Great Outdoors. These topics need to be talked about because people are in so much denial about them! If they're not for you, you have the freedom to not read my blog and read some other fishing or hunting blog instead... Simple as that!

Elon Musk - "I'll say what I want to say, and if we lose money, so be it"

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