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Home Depot’s Co-Founder says Rise of Socialism is Making People Too lazy, Too Fat, and Too stupid to Work

From the article - "To be sure, America isn’t known for being a socialist country. "

I read this title recently and had to laugh... Look before I get into a rant about crony capitalism, lets make sure you're not thinking I'm entirely against corporations, I'm a huge fan of entrepreneurship and certain forms of capitalism, very much look up to someone like Elon Musk, but I believe in a balance between democracy and capitalism which I think we used to have in this country... What we have now, well I think the shroud has been lifted since our economy is starting to fold, another country is taking the lead as the next economic world leader, and a lot of Gen Z'ers are too busey concentrated on being the next YouTube, TikTok or Instagram Star. - "you allow those two societies to play out for a few Generations I can tell you what your world is going to look like." I think what's going on now is, you're seeing a lot of elite and oligarchs playing the blame game, looking around and pointing the finger, not even thinking about what they're saying. You're starting to see some really bizarre shit go on like what happened at an airport with a near plane crash collision, I think what happened at this airport is, along with many other companies and business around the country, there's a lot of untrained employees rushed into positions of power to get our struggling economy back on track, a lot of people that need more training.

"Eighteen-century English economist Thomas Robert Malthus theorized that when exponential population growth surpasses the ecological capacity to sustain it, famine, wars and epidemics will ensue ("positive checks") to restore the natural equilibrium."

Bottom line, you're really starting to see the vulnerabilities of the so called "Perfect System", the after effect when this country has been hit by a lab leak, dare I say biological weapon, as this article is titled.

The COVID-19 Response Has Uncovered and Increased Our Vulnerability to Biological Warfare

Retired CIA Agent Jim Semivan - "last 10 years, I consulted with the intelligence community, and I was working on counter biological weapons. And one of the corollaries to that was, you know, working on pandemics and talking about pandemics. I can't tell you how many meetings I sat in with the government from people that did nothing. But talk about the coming pandemic CIA has written intelligence assessments on it. So has DIA. I mean, almost every government agency has come out and warned people that this is going to be happening down the road, and it's just a question of when, but the problem with this is, nobody listens, government does not listen!"

So lets break this down... If you first analyze who actually lobbied scientists to put the blame on fat(meat), which was the Sugar Industry, you start to see why people are overweight, lazy and diabetic, despite what the Co-Founder of Home Depot has said.

If that's not enough, the perfect study would be when American fast food restaurants entered Kuwait and Qatar, what it did to its people's health in those other countries. There's obviously repercussions when you turn Citizens into a commodity, especially after an outbreak happens, making your workers very vulnerable?. 20 years ago when I was pointing this out with some of my conservative friends, they told me I still have the freedom of choice, you can eat healthier food at Whole Foods/Better Health instead of McDonalds or Taco Bell. Well come to find out, if the majority of other Americans still aren't eating healthy, our unequipped healthcare system can still have a domino effect when the hospitals are filled and bring down the entire economic system all together if not enough workers are present to work.

Recently, I was wondering about the Russian 5 players during this time of war, I had to look up what one of my favorite hockey players has been doing during the whole Russia and Ukraine War, hoping he was safe. This is what I read about Slava Kozlov...

"When playing for Spartak Moscow, Dominik Hasek used to live near McDonald’s and regularly eat there. It looks like you try to pass it by. I’m not a fan of those places. If I have a long way home, like 8 – 10 hours, then I may go and eat at a fast food restaurant. But only to save some time. I’ve got a big family, the dogs…"

If anything, if you look at real ethnic fast food coming from the Arabic countries, honestly, they already have the perfect fast food. Shawarmas are super healthy, they have a garlic sauce that's made out of garlic cloves and olive oil, which is probably antibacterial and antiviral. And the way they cook it on a rotisserie that rotates, is actually perfect, baked not fried, you also don't have to use so many chemicals, preservatives, and keep it fresh like Subway has to do...

By the way what's up to Jared Fogle these days? Interesting if you look at American fast food company Subway, they had a pedophile a spokesperson, had a Yoga mat rubber chemical in their bread, and the tuna wasn't even tuna. Food for profit huh? One can only hope we start to turn this sinking ship around, but after analyzing the whole situation, I have to say it's not looking good! Maybe with something like Bushido Capitalism- "a powerful manifesto to emphasize long-term prosperity over short-term profits for a sustainable future." Or how about just going back to being a Republic, what this country was built upon, last time I looked none of our Founding Fathers were capitalists like Ayn Rand? I honestly don't have the answers, but what's interesting, after reading a little bit about Henry Ford, I learned this successful corporate big business owner from our own city of Detroit had some criticizing words to say about pure capitalism, he was also an antisemite. However, I'll say this, which the history books didn't talk about in 1940s Germany. Both monopolization(monopoly power is unstable) and racism both can be evil, can't they? One can promote the other when there's not enough wealth and jobs to go around, which leads to the blame game, blaming immigrants and other people of color. Then add in more automation and machines to the picture, taking jobs away like Andrew Yang stressed, you have the perfect storm, with more Luddites growing. We're in a very difficult and dangerous transition period as Michi Kaku stressed, will we make it as a Civilization? Some say the old ways of capitalism has reached it's end point... I think if we're not careful, we'll just end up repeating history... What's interesting is, I watched a few YouTube videos on the Insurrection of January 6th that related the event to Hitler and 1940s Germany, I read comments in one video where a few Germans said "what happened in Germany, is now happening in America." Not only that, on the way to Cabelas off I-94 near 14 mile I saw a billboard sign that said something on the lines "Gas Chambers were only a life time away, emphasizing on racism, etc..." Yes, I agree, again racism is evil, but so is monopolizing and hording all your money while people starve and are homeless. Just a hunch, I don't think a sign on the freeway is going stop racism when there's not enough food and wealth to go around...

Gonna let you in on a little secret, while our Leaders pledge a allegiance to the capitalists(rich), instead of the republic(the people)... This is the same shit that happens over and over again history, whether it was Rome or back in Robin Hood days, it's the same story played over and over again, imbalance of wealth, just has a different title this time around. The common narrative I hear from some of the old men I meet lately, "I don't vote anymore because both sides are corrupt and lobbied." This is not a good sign!

"This war, all wars, it's as old as time, rich man getting richer, men of power taking more power from the blood of innocents."

Michio Kaku - "Look at the roman empire many attempts were made to try to create a civilization, but they all failed, why did they fail because there was not enough wealth to go around poverty sickness disease but now we have the industrial revolution, the electric revolution, the computer revolution, giving us enough wealth, that we don't want to constantly fight for it."

Pulitzer Prize Writer Chris Hedges - "It's kind of like the end of Rome. Society's accrue their greatest wealth at the the moment that they face death."

"Well, I mean there is a terrible thing which writers sometimes say to each other, which is, the worse it is, the better it is, because when the world is in a terrible condition, there’s a lot to write about.

And getting back to sociopaths and psychopaths who are big business owners, remember the story I mentioned of a video of sociopaths and psychopaths not realizing what they are? Yet claiming they know what's best and healthy for all of us, whether it's Bill Gates funded meat study suggesting beef promotes cancer, yet it's shown time and time again sugar is what cancer feeds on or how about John Kellogs, with his bowl of corn flakes and health sanitarium. I'm not saying all business owners fit the description, but some that do, are obviously making some serious decisions for our Nation's health, such as the sugar industry lobbying scientists to put the blame on fat(meat) instead of sugar/carbs. Better realize what's going on before it's too late... Leaders that make the decision what's healthy and what's not, should be elected into office, not buy their way into office!

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