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YouTube Fishing or Instagramming a Sustainable Job?

Had interesting talk with coworker who said they had interesting talk with Chinese restaurant owner that said he can't get enough chefs right now because he thinks some of the young kids are too busy thinking they're going to become the next instagram or youtube star lol. Weird era we're living in ? Definitely heard many stories like this in the gaming world about the addiction to world of warcraft and the twitch streaming ordeal that has caused many to lose their jobs and even drop out of college. Hell, I've even heard men who've had to take blood thinners to keep them awake and alive as they stream on Twitch, this story about My_Goggle was a great piece. But as someone remarked about in the comments section of that article, they said "today's generation has attention span of a gnat, you're their hero one year, next year kids have moved onto someone else to watch or something else to do, for the most part he was hinting to, it's not a very sustainable job..."

I mean bottom line, I think its great that many anglers are trying to incorporate modern day technology like youtube and Instagram into outdoor sports that involves sunshine(vitamin d) and exercise, I'm even doing it with Underwater Drones, but I suspect there's a time when ya gotta slow down, do it in moderation and realize you're not going to be the next Googan Squad! lol

Kind of had some interesting discussion with Arcasting once, how eventually we realized that once the search algorithm fills up the top spots of keywords by the top fishing youtubers, basically monopolized, resulting in little to know hope that you'll have a steady stream of views and money, you might wonder whats the point anymore? I mean you can still make some decent money, but once the top spots are filled, well, it is what it is... I do have to say it's great YouTube introduced shorts and merch shelf, great way for smaller channels to get a boost in views and money, even better if you have a small fishing lure business to promote lures through Shopify which you can connect to the merch shelf, but still, I've been doing websites for a long time, I've seen the same thing has happened in traditional Google algorithm with standard websites, top spots eventually become monopolized in the search algorithm. Same thing could be said about traditional brick and mortar stores being able to compete with Amazon, if you've seen movie Demoliton Man(Taco Bell franchise wars). It's really something to think about and really that's what the game of Monopoly was based on(Capitalism), where only one makes it to the top out of the four, but in YouTube's case at a lot larger scale, there will be a lot more people that make it to the top, but I suspect it will still be limited. I think kids need to be aware of that, be more realistic, because last thing I want to see is kids dropping out of college or quitting their jobs to do YouTube and Instagram. Personally, I think it should just be considered a side job for side income, it's perfect for that. I think it's better to invest more of your time into family/friends and your job, which some have healthcare benefits and a 401k, I think in the long run you'll see it a better investment at this time.

I mean, really, never knew where the future will take us if you consider the movie Player one, I mean imagine whats going to happen when Metaverse officially hits... Facebook's Mark Zuckeberg has invested huge portion of his fortune which ended up failing, at this "time," but I suspect eventually it's going to happen! Question is, once a lot of jobs become automated, will people be living out their day to day lives on Metaverse, even having some form of jobs on their to make a revenue, again, considering that's what the Movie is based on...

Imagine this, I talked about this with an open world fishing video game Call of the Wild, if gaming becomes so realistic and is able to replicate the rush and high(brain releasing endorphins) you get when a musky follows and strikes your bucktail on a figure 8, wold you get addicted? Imagine bringing a fish of 10,000 casts down to 1,000 casts, maybe even 100 or 20 casts. Yep we're screwed lol

Ya know, I don't want to deter you from following your dream, but I want kids these days to be somewhat realistic, I've always done my making websites as a side business with either a full time or part time job, again, maybe going with a part time job and doing something like a selling fishing lures on the YouTube shelf could be done, I honestly think it is going to open a bigger source of revenue and open more doors for YouTube, but us Webmasters always have an old saying in this business, don't ever put your eggs all in one basket, meaning one source of income. At one point I did that with Ebay Partner Network, it eventually dried up. I mean I always had Google Adsense too, at one point I was making $40-50 a day with just Google ads on my sites, but then ad blindness came along, then ad-block plugins for browsers like Firefox, doh!!! And really, because technology is always changing, the future of business and the job market place is always change as well too. And this is what Logger Eric Krume was making a reference as well too... In the Quarts video I keep posting...

As I remarked on this before, electric muscle car is definitely going to change the hobby and job situation, you start to realize why people don't like it, cars will have barely any maintenance as this article states with no more muffler, oil change, or spark plug replacements. The one mechanic in that article said he gives his job 10 years. And I suspect even if you become a mechanic in electric cars, it's highly unlikely that'll be a steady full time job! You know, I wish I could turn back the clock, go back to how I was making 4 figures a month being a webmaster along with having a full time job, that's how I bought my boat, a few other toys, but times change and you have to adapt, it's really part of evolution, but some, which history has shown, aren't always willing to adapt(Luddites). And really, it's said that Luddites sounds like such a derogatory term, I read an article the other day that used that term in a positive way, suggesting how taking a break from your smart phone and social media has been so great for their mental state. And really, I think it's good to take a break for YouTube, Facebook or Instagram at times...

But as Eric Krume said, now is not a good time to be set in your ways... As he explained "you're probably not going to do the same job when you were 20, you're probably not going to do the same job for 40 years, the world is moving too fast right now." I also liked this quote from him too, "the worst thing you can do right now is nothing." Ya know, maybe that's in reference to how some kids are just solely focusing on the social media careers these days and not getting a real job... Just a thought, again don't want to take away from anybody's dream!

It's hard to predict where the future is going to take us, considering my recent post about Mad Max like dystopia, hopefully that doesn't happen... lol But no one can predict the future, as of yet...

And getting back to My_Goggle, he was pretty popular on Twitch when I read the article like five years ago, doing it full time, but if you head over to Twitch right now and see how much he's still streaming... A year or two ago when I looked, he had definitely taken a long break, which made me wonder if he had given up, but he does seem to be still doing it daily as we speak, which I guess you could say is somewhat positive and he's a man of his word. But I wonder if he now has a full time or at least a part time job, as one of the criticisms made in the article was from his girlfriends father was... “Was I concerned? Worried? Yes, all of the above,” said Tom Sims, Nikki’s father. “I wanted to know if he could support my daughter if they get married.” lol

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