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Enter the Fishing Matrix – Call Of The Wild: The Angler Open World Fishing Game

So if you haven't figured this out, we're in a major transition within our world with technology, it's not only going to change our culture, day to day jobs, but also the way we play these sports and hobbies in real life, as well at the video game level too. I think it's safe to say there's never been a fishing simulator similar to the one that's going to be released soon on Steam, it's called the Call of The Wild: The Angler, and it's going to be basically the most realistic simulated fishing game you've ever played, it's also going to have an open world environment too. This means, I suspect, that a fisherman will not only be able to fish any local spot on their favorite lake, river or pond... But also invite friends to their favorite honey hole as well!

Here's an incredibly realistic shot of a Northern Pike... A species of fish majority the majority of American fishermen aren't too fond of, just like the musky, yet we might finally be able to target them on this video game. Exciting?

Ya know we've always had a different Bassmaster video games over the years on the Playstation or Xbox, they were always pretty decent, but I have to say never anything on this realistic level. And also being able to target and catch northern pike? There's never been a really good pike or musky fishing game ever, maybe we finally have one, finally... It really reminds me of the movie Ready Player One or even the Matrix... So imagine, if you could recreate a similar environment that you love fishing at, being able to play it any time from your own home... This means after work, right after dropping kids off at school, or just basically when you don't have time to launch the boat or drive to your local spot... Or how about even in the middle of winter when you don't have access to softwater fishing for us Northerners...

Then there's also the thought, what if you could build your own lake like the old game Sim City, stock your custom lake or pond with your favorite species of fish, shape it, design it, make your own depth and release your own species of prey for that the musky and pike like to feed on and see how big they get? Sounds incredible right? When Sim City first came out in the 90s, I was addicted, sat on that video game forever until I reached the Metropolis level, once I did, the game kind of became unplayable and boring to me... But what if you incorporated some of the similarities of making your own city like Sim City, with an open world multiplayer environment with friends and family in a fishing game, making your own lake and then have your favorite peers join just like the stupid game Minecrap, I mean Minecraft? lol Even have friends, you haven't seen in years because they live in another state or country?  I always wanted to build my own pond, at one point I thought about saving up money, moving up north in Michigan and doing it, but man, once I figured out the costs, totally deterred me...

And I think for the most part, most of the video games were rather tame just sitting down and having a remote controller. What if these gaming companies like Steam incorporated a rod like controller, similar to what we've seen at fishing shows and combine it with te Virtual reality technology... I mean there's nothing more exciting that experiencing a musky on a followup, slamming your lure on the figure 8 and almost ripping the rod out of your hands or simply put, a musky jumping out of the water. What if gaming companies could replicate that to a T... Somewhat pretty closely and still give you somewhat of a thrill...?

lol Examining what Alpha male of Alpha Males Arnold Schwarzenegger said about the feeling of a pump, to cumming and having an orgasm with a woman. He was able to replicate that feeling by having simple access to a gym and free weights everyday. Now what if we would customize a lake with a fish of 10,000 casts like the musky, but instead be able to catch them ever 10th or 20th cast rather than every 10,000 cast? Would that be seducing?

I mean replicating it perfectly, I still think the technology isn't there yet. There's so much that the video game couldn't replicate within the real world like the smell, vitamin D from sunshine, even the fresh breeze of wind, but hypothetically theorizing that what if the technology became so perfected that it does become something so indistinguishable from the real world, would people virtually fish more than the real world?

I'm not sure, but I think as this technology becomes more and more realistic, I wouldn't be surprised if you start finding more YouTube fishermen like Doug Wagner or Robbie/Lee from Todays Angler, softwater fishing for these beasts virtually on YouTube in the winter, doing the sort of popular Lets Plays, rather than going out ice fishing. Especially if these gaming companies sponsor one of them and try to promote the game, something you really have to consider I'd say...

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