Electric Dodge Charger Daytona Banshee to Star in new Sequel Wraith 2 Movie?

Rumor has it that Hollywood has been working on a new Christine movie and Big Trouble in Little China, two cult classics from the 80s that still have a very large following, but what if Hollywood and even Mopar has something in the works with a new sequel to the Wraith film, The Wraith 2...? This may not have as large following as Christine or Big Trouble, but some still highly regard the movie as a cult classic despite some of the cheesiness, especially the gear heads that love the road pirates and illegal street racing in this film. Many gear heads and automotive enthusiasts were wondering what's with the super long name "Dodge Charger Daytona Banshee?" Is the Banshee a give away after going by an old quote from Clint Howard(Rughead) from the original movie? "A wraith, man! A ghost! An evil spirit - and it ain't cool!" Automotive enthusiasts have been so quick to judge and shit all over this new electric technology, since I think it's going to cause a lot of change within the automotive industry and possibly make some jobless due to less maintenance as this Freepress article states - with no more muffler, oil change, or spark plug replacements, but what we know about history is, despite the current anti-electric Luddite rhetoric, movies have known to sway and change the way people think about new technology once it hits the market. Some have already commented in my video saying the Twin Turbo Interceptor concept that came out in the 80s sounds just like the new electric Dodge Charger, aka first electric muscle car. I for one love the way the new Banshee looks, I think the sound may need some work, but what we know about sound is, that aftermarket companies can work on modifying this with their own 3rd party fratzonic chambered catback exhaust systems if Mopar fails at it...

If you've seen this short little doc video on YouTube, it details of a Detroit Cop that rarely showed up with a Hemi equipped Challenger at the street racing scene and smoked everything in its path, many dubbed him the Black Ghost, sounds very similar to the Wraith story line and maybe that's what'll happen with the new Daytona Banshee once it hits the Silver Screen and road, it will smoke everything in its path, because everyone knows new tech always wins, considering how the Tesla has been beating everything out on the road lately too.

By the way, huge fan of Bill Idol, aka Idol Vidol, Miley Cyrus stepping on stage with Billy was pure fire 🔥 80s was back when soundtracks meant something to movies, they definitely don't make music like this anymore, scary thing is what if they never do... I for one would like to see a high quality director like James Cameron film the sequel, so it's done right, probably never happpen, but ya never know... 🤘

I'll also say this, a lot of automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts claim nothing will sound better than a combustion engine... With more electric motorcycles coming out, does anyone remember the speeder bike scene from Return of the Jedi... The sounds and action scenes from this old syfy movie still live up to the hype to this day, absolutely incredible! The technology the bikers hypothetically run on is called "open-air repulsorlif."

And for those that still can't stand an electric automobile in general, be aware the electric car may be short lived anyways, we may stumbled across another type of energy source that is cleaner that doesn't require a battery, like a hydrogen engine as Toyota has talked about, however, some still say the original electric Tesla car didn't need a battery anyways, it pulled energy within the atmosphere naturally, some food for thought... In order to make jump from type 0 civilization to type 1, we'll have to eventually make the change from the combustion engine to some other type of sustainable cleaner energy, do you actually believe we'll be running on fossil fuels forever? As brilliant scientists Michio Kaku put it, that's "dead plants!!!"

A lot of people are disappointed because we'll be losing power add-ons like superchargers, turbochargers, nitrous, cold air intakes, custom aftermarket camshafts and heads... As modificating cars is really what takes the car hobby fun and takes it to the next level, so you can take a stock car and customize it to your liking! However, I do think they'll be custom aftermarket fratzonic exhausts for the Daytona Banshee. And as per Back to Futue 2 cafe scene, imagine a car that could fly? Maybe go from state to state without an airplane, maybe even country to country, use your imagination, planet to planet... We'll eventually have to make the jump from type 0 to type 1.

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