Predators 2010 – “There is No Hunting like the Hunting of a man”

"There is no hunting like the hunting of a man and those were hunted armed man long enough and like it, never really care for anything else thereafter!"

I have to say ever since watching the fist Predator movie in the series, I've been fascinated with the franchise. Going from Predator to Predators... Similar to how Alien series has also gone from Alien to Alien(s) plural... And how now we even have the Alien vs Predator francise, that first came out as a video game!

Question is, after watching these films, kind of relating to some of the similarities I've been hearing in the Missing 411 docu-series created by Ex-SWAT Ex-Police Detective David Paulides himself, question is, is there any relation? Years ago, when Paulides was somewhat contactable and would answer questions, not as popular as he his now, he recently talked about it in one of his Podcasts on YouTube how it's basically impossible to hear everyone's stories and questions... I had asked him, do you think Hollywood writers and directors have heard these stories through the military grape vine word of mouth and decided to make a movie series out of this, to maybe even sort of prepare us... He basically said yes! And the old saying Art imitates Reality right?

What we know now is, there definitely seems to an Extraterrestrial species that has been here all this time and due to their advanced technological ability to cloak themselves, the majority of the public was unaware of their presence. Boy do some of you start to feel really fucking dumb ass right about now? Don't you!

Top Gun Radar Specialist Kevin Day - "I think that technology upgrade that our ship had received. I think it gave us the ability to finally suddenly see these things"

Now question is, we know there's one species on this planet after Captain David Fravar and this Top Gun radar specialist Kevin Day has come forward, question is how many others are there?

Dr. Greer - "There are 60-70 Species of Extraterrestrials."

Phillip Schneider - "claimed that there are seven benevolent alien species and four evil species"

Bottom line, considering that space basically goes on forever, I think it's very very very arrogant to think that man is the Apex... ? Even on their own worldly plane and realm, since we're starting to realize the possibility that type 3 civilization may have technology accessible to black holes, wormholes and portals to roam the galaxy, what Michio Kaku is suggesting, amongst other things.

"One other incident is what I call the tunnel!"

"When we ever learn, as beautiful as it is, nature is dangerous, for what it's home to and what it hides!"

As more and more podcasts are coming out, suggesting how human beings are being hunted in their own parks like this one here called audiochuck... Once more hunters realize this, I wonder if these Outdoorsmen will ever look at the Great Outdoors the same way again?

I can tell you from experience, there's a lot of narcissism within the hunting and fishing community, a lot of I know there everything there is to hunting, fishing and the Outdoors... If any of these crytpid creatures existed, I would know about it! Well guess what genius, just like how you use camouflage, they may be doing the same thing, getting back to what Top Gun radar specialist Kevin Day hinted to with cloaking technology being revealed with infrared. I always wondered how within the Native Community that there's such a huge open mindness about beings like Skinwalkers and Big Foot, yet when they're mentioned amongst the traditional American hunting and fishing community, they're such a Tabboo controversial topic?

While I love what Dr. Greer has done for disclosure and just man kind in general, I also think it's very very arrogant to think that all ET species are benevolent. In this episode of Historian Richard Dolan and Jimmy Church, they have a long discussion on what Dr. Greer is suggesting, Dolan even going to great lengths of what Greer is suggesting is dangerous! Ya know being a hunter and fishermen a large portion of my life, I look at how there seems to always be an Apex Predator in every ecosystem, habitat and food chain above below ground and water on this planet, something to really think about! I think as more thoughts are expressed on social media, you'll start to see patterns in the way of thinking with certain people and political groups on this topic, I'm not saying all, but a good portion of Liberals view life differently, they tend to think life is all peaches and cream, we're going to live in harmony, we're all going to coexhist with one another and live happily ever after. Sad to say our world isn't that way, many species have gone extinct over the years, some due to genocide whether it's animals like alligator gar or humans like Native Americans, and I'm sure it's not much different in other galaxies and Exoplanets. Cenk Uygur - "Aliens are more likely to be friendly than you think, so that is just my theory." Yeah sorry Cenk, that's a very unrealistic view... After studying Dr. Greer for many years, it's quite obvious he tend to lean more on the left with a lot of things...

Richard Dolan - "So Greer says that and but here's where I think I just think what Stephen Greer says is actually truly dangerous and and he States it extraterrestrial groups are not hostile to Earth or Humanity however they are increasingly concerned about human hostility and weapon systems."

Richard Dolan - "There have been statement after statement rumor after Rumor for decades and decades and at least one group is absolutely malevolent and hostile to us and I'm not prepared to throw that out and also I'm not prepared to throw out."

Richard Dolan - "that means that they like us were apex predators 100 right they they they nominated their Planet they kicked ass and that's right yeah because they like us discovered the secret of Science and rationality and logic and they started to they got the keys to the kingdom which is science and they dominated all the other species on their Planet guaranteed yes and even if they're not violent now guarantee they're used to getting their own way."

And look, I've heard the stories of Project Blue Beam, totally completely believe it, believe what Von Braum told Dr. Rosin... False flags are real, basically used to grab the attention of the American public to go to war and raise funds for the military industrial complex... And that some of this backward engineered technology should be used for the greater good and health of the planet to start reversing climate change, rather than just constantly weaponizing it! However, getting back to what Dolan said, it's very naive and arrogant to think all species are benevolent, that we're not going to need a space force. Then you also have to consider at the microscopic level, the microbes another species may bring to this planet considering what happened to police officer Marco Eli Chereze from Varginha Brazil, we'll need to have a medical task force just for this reason! Gonna leave you with this video Rogan on importance of a military, aka Space Force!

Another interesting perspective from John Lear...

"There's a misconception here people think that our space brothers would bring us you know good things and teach us how to get rid of all our diseases and you know if you get to if you stop and think about it that may not be the best thing because if you had to get a society without any disease and everybody starts living 150 years that creates a lot of problems so they would not meddle in that in that way."

I talked about this before, as we evolve with technology, I think there's a lot of arrogant people like Neil Degrasse Tyson and Michael Shermer that think as we evolve with technology it's going to prove that a lot of Paranormal things don't exist, but what if it's the complete opposite, what if as we evolve with technology like infrared, it starts to prove that a lot of these things actually do exist, and sort of turn into an era where the Paranormal becomes Normal and the sort of Folklore we've heard throughout the ages have been sort of a misidentification...

Neil Degrasse Tyson - "This advanced civilations of Aliens that can cross the gaps of space are interested in us and our Gonads!"

It's ironic that Tyson said why would Aliens come to our planet, why the hell would they be interested in our primitive species? Well, if you noticed, what some of our men like to do for hours and upon hours on this planet... Hunting and Fishing, it's in their nature to do so, well I'm sure it's not much different on a lot of other planets...

"Why do Predators keep coming back to a Planet, turns out they're into it!"

Good night and sleep tight!

Gonna leave you off with this recent article from Daily Mail!

"UFOs are an 'Open Secret' in the Military"

And I have to say it really is, my neighbor next door worked at Selfridge Air Base and actually had a little grey alien tattoo on his ankle, also said he can't wait to sign up for the Space Force... The public is completely out of touch with reality! Then I started to list some docs for him to watch...

Missing 411
I Know What I Saw
Mirage Men

All this being said, I definitely welcome our new branch of military called the Space Force!

When Dr. Greer and Cenk are suggesting majority of extraterrestrial species are benevolent, are they counting the less intelligent animal species on the upper part of the food chain? Similar to our lions, cheetahs and bears. Again, then there's the microscopic level too, considering the movie the Thing! They're not being very realistic considering the food pyramid here on earth...

"What is it Riddick, what is it now? Like I said, it ain't me ya gotta worry about!"

It's been theorized that insects were super sized during the Carboniferous and early Permian periods 300 million years ago, you think maybe this could be similar on other planet or another dimension? Something to think about...

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