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Movie Prey 2022 – Actually Based on Native American Folklore?

Isn't it interesting that Native Americans believe in Sasquatch and Skinwalker, but us Americans thing it's all bullshit? Or is it? After new revelations are being uncovered in the documentary Skinwalker Ranch by Jeremy Corbell in Utah's Uintah Basin as well as documentaries like ex-SWAT ex-Detective David Paulides Missing 411. History channel even now has its own docuseries based on this topic...

I'm really looking forward to seeing the new Predator movie, which is a sequel to the Predator series, similar to the prequels to the Star Wars franchise. Looks pretty good, it obviously doesn't have the financial support similar to Star Wars or the super hero movie franchises which I'm completely burned out from, since it doesn't have a theatrical release and some of the cgi looks a bit low budget, but it still looks good!

Ya know, we look for patterns within the hunting and fishing community to track down our prey, do you see any patterns between new revelations on UAPs in the news/podcasts and what was actually featured in some of Hollywood's oldest movies like the Thing? Some say, the truth is right before your eyes without people even realizing it... Looking forward to watching the new movie Prey!

I noticed similarity of the cloaking device used by the Predator and what was revealed in David Paulides' documentary the Hunted, just a coincidence?

Reporter George Knapp's story of a Predator like creature using a camouflage cloaking device of some sort at Skinwalker Ranch.

Is media like the History Channel or even Hollywood's sci-fi Predator series warming us up to a new reality...

Colonel Corso who claims things like the integrated circuit, infrared and kevlar were backward engineered from UAPs and was handed down from military to corporations... If this is true, has companies like Microsoft been flaunting it before our eyes without us even realizing it, hence Alienware!? Really gets ya thinking... All of it!

Whistleblower Bob Lazar who claimed to have worked at our Government's Groom Lake facility S4, reveals that one of the UAPs recovered was actually found at an archaeological dig...

Like told in the movie the Thing!

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