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When The Paranormal Becomes Normal

As we progress with technology, do you think that maybe some of the things that are considered paranormal to us one day may be considered normal another day as we make this big change from type 0 civilization to type 1 and we're making this huge paradigm shift, that's if we make it...? Hence hypersonic nuclear weapons... Where basically science kind of merges with religion and actually proves ghosts, spirits, and even UFOs are real? I think in next few years many people's reality or the reality they thinking they're living in is going to be shattered, even for Scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson that proves to be wrong on the UAP topic and Michio Kaku proves to be right.

Michio Kaku - "Well you know when i talk to my friends who are physicists like myself about these things they sort of like laugh giggle their eyes roll up to the heavens and they say something very simple that a rocket using conventional means would take seventy thousand years to reach us from the nearest star therefore these objects cannot exist. Open your mind to the possibility that they are a thousand years more advanced than us a thousand years is nothing compared to the age of the universe right the universe is about 13 billion plus years old that's how the age of the universe and so the age of a civilization just a few thousand years ahead of us that is just a blink of an eye to the universe itself and once you go to higher energies the laws of physics begin to break down the laws of Einstein and the laws of the quantum theory break down as something called the planck energy. Any civilization that can harness the planck energy would be able to become masters of space and time space and time as we know it become unstable at the planck energy which is far beyond anything that we can muster here on the planet earth."

Some food for thought... During the UAP incident with the USS Nimitz, Top Gun Radar specialist Kevin Day said - "I think that technology upgrade that our ship had received. I think it gave us the ability to finally suddenly see these things"

Was John Carpenter trying to tell us something in the movie They Live 1982, figuratively speaking when you put the glasses on you could see these things, similar to when the USS Nimitz became equipped with Infrared?

What's interesting is, I saw a followup of Roddy Piper years later saying They Live was actually a documentary... John Carpenter even touched on something similar, but saying it's on consumerism, but is there more going on than what he even said?

After studying spirits and entities for quite some time... Do you think maybe possessions could be caused by organisms at the microscopic level, such as a bacteria such as bartonella.

Interesting theory that an infection like bartonella is the root cause of people thinking their possessed, on flip side, what if the bacteria may be making people more clairvoyant, maybe even more susceptible to possession by entities?

Interesting fact "study published that tested 17 people diagnosed with schizophrenia, 13 people tested positive for the bacterial infection known as Bartonella"

What's even more interesting is the link between some of the well known artists and famous geniuses that had Schizophrenia, I mean bartonella.

I think this gets back to what we're starting to learn about the gut brain connection with probiotics, how bacteria can alter your thinking, depression and happiness. Complex world we live in... Still so much we don't understand...

“So to our 30 trillion human cells, we have on average about 39 trillion microbial cells. So by that measure, we’re only about 43% human.”

In movie Constantine, Keanu looks into cats eyes to transport himself to the underworld, interesting fact is that Cats are known to be prime carriers of bartonella, hence the article up above hinting before the person was possessed after he was scratched by a cat and infected with bartonella, connection or just coincidence?

In the case of Emily Rose, she was said to have epilepsy, another symptom of bartonella, as well as PANS and OCD symptoms: one, two, three, four, five, six.... Just a coincidence?

I suspect when one starts to hover and levitate, speak latin a language unknown by the previous host, that's when you start to question if a bacteria can actually cause that...

Another instance of where an organism infects a host, this being a fungus called Cordyceps, an insect still walks around despite being dead, plagues the question if Zombies could be real?

Another fun article.

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