Robert Kennedy Jr. on Joe Rogan – Herbicide Found in Texans Drinking Water Turns 4 of 40 Male frogs into Females

Hey why won't Rogan have Clean Coal Trump on?

If Libtards were smart, they'd run off of slogan, corporations like Monsanto are lowering testosterone in men and their babies with herbicides like Glyphosate and Atrazine, aka Endocrine Distruptor, leading to even castration and Hermaphroditism, that'll definitely grab people's attention! Robert Kennedy Jr. is already kind of doing that with poisoning our kids slogan, but they need to be more direct, be direct with the suppression of the word "Testosterone!"

Ya know, what I've learned is sometimes you can't solve all your issues with a gun or religion, you have to look at "Science" for answers, this is coming from a guy that went to catholic school all his life, from first grade to College!

Robert Kennedy Jr. - "But they took Atrazine, put it in a tank with 40 frogs, for 3 years, they put it below the exposure levels the EPA considers acceptable to humans and 30 of those frogs, they were all male frogs, 30 of those frogs were chemically castrated, 4 of them turned into females and produced fertile eggs. We're subjecting our children to exposure to that every day! It's in the water, it's a pesticide here, it's a toxic herbicide found in many Texans drinking water."

Tim Pool - "Testosterone Levels Are Collapsing In Men, Hormone Disrupters In Our Water Could Be The Cause"

Remind you of the Field and Stream Study, remember Scientists tend to look first how chemicals are affecting animals first to grasp an unerstanding how it may be affecting humans.

Some people like Dan Pena are blaming the reason there's less manly men in today's world is because they're being influenced and being taught to be weak, hence wokeism in movies and tv shows, while I think that can be an issue... Some need to look more at the science, just like how Dan Pena needs to look more at the science with Climate Change, but that's just a hunch of mine!

And I have to say, there's always been this stigma within the tough guy group, I know because I've been apart of them for quite some time, meat head group in high school lifting weights, hunting and fishing groups throughout the years, many muscle car clubs. There's this stigma that any man who's concerned about what's in their food, is less of a man or a wimp, real men shouldn't care what's in their food! Now first I want to say, I find James Gregory absolutely hilarious, been watching his channel and videos for quite some time, but I came across this bit he was doing and found it quite ironic I think.

James Gregory - "But he asked this truck stop waitresses does she know whether or not any of those scented ingredients have ever been exposed to any type of pesticides."

Now after watching that clip, thinking about what he said, then relating it to the title of his video "young men are like little girls," he's basically suggesting because this man's worried about pesticides in his food, he's a little girl, yet isn't it super ironic that there's new evidence in studies linking herbicides/pesticides like Glyphosate and Atrazine are an endocrine disruptor which is disrupting hormones in men's bodies and actually feminizing men. I believe in free speech, the bit is still absolutely hilarious after the waitress said "well we spray for roaches every damn day," but I think us as Men, need to stop this stigma that men are wimps just because they're watching out for what's in their food. There's nothing wrong with watching what you eat(fast food versus home cooked), how it's cooked(fried or baked), what's in it(glyphosate or sugar laced), along with what you drink, meaning cutting out plastic water bottles, since there's studies have found that plastic is porous and once it heats up, it can mimic estrogen, even if it's BPA free. Just a hunch, but I think us as men need to start looking more at Science, I think, but again just a hunch!

Dr. Mark Hyman - "I know people have been in Monsanto and their Mantra is, we need to feed the world, we need GMO seeds, we need these herbicide chemicals in order to feed the world and that just isn't true, when you look at the data, it's really clear that you can grow as much food or more food, better food without all those chemicals, without those seeds, and this has been demonstrated all over the world."

George Lucas - "Some of us think we're really great people, but in the real world we're not, we're terrible people. You run your life in a very selfish way, you think you're doing good, when you're actually not! How does democracy turn back into dictatorship?"

"Glyphosate, first developed by Bayer’s Monsanto under the Roundup brand, has generated intense global debate over its safety since a World Health Organization agency concluded in 2015 that it probably causes cancer."

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