St. Isaac Jogues, Notre Dame & U of D

Westside Vs The World Documentary

I've talked about how top athletes from tough sports like football, hockey, and basketball make great musky fishermen, like Christian Laettner and Jason Quintano(holds Lake St. Clair Musky Record), my brother new Quintano and I heard he was brawler back in his had day with ice hockey. Well, I've always had a fascination with weight…
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Doug Wagner Starts Up Membership Perks on his Musky YouTube Channel – Witnessing History in the Making?

It's been fascinating to see how much a single social media site such as YouTube has been changing and growing the sport of fishing... Some think anglers like Jon B and Michael Hsiao from the Googan Squad becoming millionaires and gaining major sponsorships was the peak result, really, you think that's it? We may be…
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