Classic Game Room is Back with Lord Carnage!

If you love old classic arcade games or just a sucker for retro 80s nostalgia, you have to subscribe to Classic Game Room on YouTube! Somewhat similar to the Nintendo Nerd minus all the swearing and Corona, yet just as funny! Lord Carnage's outrageous reviews with a cheezy 80s voice cracked me up nonstop for after binge watching for a whole month... It's definitely right up there with Space Ice, I promise this shit will have you on the ground laughing for hours!

Times are changing, that's for sure, but as I always say, if you don't like the new movies and games on the market place, some calling it toned down and woke culture, remember it's up to you to keep these cult classic games and movies alive. I had about given up on Lord Carnage, he kind of turned to reviewing comic books for awhile and just doing T-shirts, basically quit his gaming channel for awhile, but for some strange reason he's decided to give another go... I definitely can't wait to watch his new content!

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