Retro Themed Nintendo Turbografx Arcade Cabinets

New vs Old Challenger Comparison, very Retro

If you haven't figured out by now, I'm a sucker for retro themed stuff, whether it's my new Hellcat Challenger, some of the old fishing lures I use, collecting old baseball cards, etc... I've had my eye on these new Arcade1ups for quite sometime now, but I'm not fond of the 3/4 scale size, but now the company has recently surprised us with full scale arcades like the NBA Jam Shaq edition, Golden Tee, and Killer instinct. But just recently, I seen an upcoming Arcade Cabinet company called Arcade 816, they've designed these custom cabinets using the actual old gaming systems from the 80s and 90s... First time I seen them, I was absolutely blown away, I gotta have one! While the company is fairly new and don't have these in-stock for sale as of yet, be sure to check out the company on YouTube and Instagram. You may be able to even support the company by buying one of the prototypes...

Be sure to check out their website

Even if Arcade816 isn't being authentic and using an old gaming system, I wonder if the company could design retro themed cabinets with a Mame like computer board in there like the Rasberry Pi to cut down on costs... I'd be the first one to buy!

One Instagram user by the name of chicagoretroranger_arcademods, created this custom Nintendo Arcade that actually has controllers, just in case you get bored playing with the joystick. Insane mod! Me want!!!! Sad though, I did hear that the Nintendo graphics are no longer on eBay, I suspect Nintendo might have went after the company selling them for copyright infringement...

I'd love to have a few of these parked right next to my Challenger in my Garage!!

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