OCD & Being Set in your Ways within Fishing Community is Pretty Bad at Times

I first want to say, I very much appreciate this angler's feedback, he has his own point of view and that's fine. But at times, I think this point of view can be destructive and detrimental to the fishing hobby at times, for all sports for that matter. I always talk about breaking free of teachings and finding your own rhythm within the sport of fishing!

Ever notice when something new comes to a sport, because human beings are set in their ways, first thing they gotta do is knock it... Could be new technology, could be a new technique, in this case could be a new type of fishing lure...

I do agree with this angler to a point, as I made a great example how there's importance of precision when it comes to engineering hard baits such as jerkbaits like the Megabass 110+1, how lightweight thin profiled hooks are important, outer barb hooks, and even a specific shape makes a hell of a difference when it comes to a jerkbait like Megabass, most know that if a jerkbait is oddly shaped it won't run right when jerked, if a crankbait is off balance or the lip is off kilter, it's going to run wrong.

Sorry, these things do not apply to spinnerbaits or inline spinners. As I pointed out, there's been some fishing lures discontinued like the Blue Fox Twin Turbo and Blue Fox Double Spin that would stop working periodically when reeling, you'd have to give your rod tip a quick jerk to reactivate the blades, but some musky anglers say due to this defect this actually entices the musky more into biting the inline spinner believe or not... There's trout fisherman that swear when a mepps spinner is all rusted out and beat up, works more effectively than a new shiny bladed mepps.

This angler made the point my custom beetle spin swims incorrectly...

"Your rig swims incorrectly"

Sorry, there is no right and wrong way when a spinnerbait is still functioning and the blade is still turning with an oversized blade, you think the bass is wondering if this lure is moving correctly in the water before it strikes it? lol I've already caught multiple 4 and 5 pound largemouth bass on my old channel with this same custom beetle spin. First and foremost, there is a big difference in thump, vibration, and flash when you run a #6 hildebrandt blade versus a tiny colorado blade that comes stock on the Beetle Spin! And sometimes when a blade is awkward and doesn't function correctly like a normal spinnerbait, it makes it even more deadly. The fish I've caught with it, proves it, regardless of what anyone says, but there's a lot of people that like to run their mouth in this sport... If a lure is catching fish, that's all that matters! Right...?

Please try to think outside the box, I know some of you don't get it, but this scene in fly fishing movie river runs through is same thing, aka shadow casting. There's no wrong way to fish really, as long as you're not putting the fish's health in harm. It's just the matter of many people being set in their ways! Break free man, break free! Same thing applies to other things in life like politics and sports, etc... Stop thinking it's your way or the highway!

I was told by dozens of musky fishermen, you can't use spinning! Eddie Van Halen was dyslexic, yet he learned to play the guitar and read music a different way and modify his own guitar by unconventional means to make his own unique sound!

People can modify and do anything they like to their own liking, does not make it incorrect or wrong! It amazes me how much doing something unconvential gets under people's skin, doesn't it?

Reminds me of when the Russians brought cycling the puck to the game a hockey where the Americans and Canadians were taught to dump the puck, Don Cherry wasn't having it, saying the Red Wings will never win the cup with the Russians... lol

I've covered how many anglers have said YouTube Fishing will destroy the sport of fishing and bring to much pressure to your local lakes, me personally I think this is just a lot of anglers set in their ways and are just hating other people's success! If you aren't aware, we still live in a free country ? Anglers are allowed to fish and film wherever they want!

"This is threatening not just a way of doing business, but in their minds is threatening the game, but it's really what's threatening is their livelihood, it's threatening their jobs, threatening the way that they do things and every time that happens, whether it's a government or way of doing business or whatever it is the people who are holding the reins, have their hands on the switch, they go batshit crazy."

Never stop modifying or making your own fishing lures and muscle cars! Making and modifying things is a way of life, it's an art, it's a change in culture, even makes ridiculous sci-fi movies like Phantasm so much more fun, not just the River Runs Through It... - “Shooting Undead Dwarfs with a Quad Barrel Shotgun”

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