Best Street Racing Movies – The Wraith 1986 – Cult Classic

The Wraith car with the technology it was running seemed to be just toying around with the Trans Am that had a supercharged natural combustion engine under the hood, at any moment it could just blow away the competition!

Coming out of the shadows like a ghost or UFO, despite knowing behind the scenes that the Dodge M4S Interceptor had a combustion engine that was turbocharged, the movie actually portrayed the car to be somewhat electric with the bolts of electricity flashing over the top of the engine.

And what ya know, just like the Tesla, the Dodge M4S ended up beating everything street racing... Any relation?

After revving up the new fratzonic exhaust at the Auto Show, many hinted to the similarity of look and sound to the M4S from the Wraith... Some food for thought!

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