Deep Animal Connection

Do some people have more of a deep animal connection than others, some type of clairvoyancy or telepathic communication to animals? Sometimes they just understand what the animals are thinking?

Mind-Altering Power of Deep Animal Connection - "One morning Lisa Donahue walked into her dining room and saw her six-year-old son, Aidan, and their large retriever, Jack, stretched out together on the dining room carpet. Both were facing away from Donahue. The boy was stroking the dog’s side. Then she heard her son say quietly, matter-of-factly, “Mommy, I don’t have a heart anymore.” Startled, she asked her son what he meant. “My heart is in Jack.” She watched them for a while, in the silence and peace. This permeability of the heart (or soul or spirit or neurological con­nection) occurs naturally when we’re very young. Some people continue to experience it throughout their life, though they may have no words to describe it. They experience it with their companion animals and, if recep­tive and given a chance, with wild animals, too."

Without a doubt, there are certain people that are, they seem inner connected to animals, that's why it's understandable why some choose to be Vegan or Vegetarian. I still think since the brain is made up of 60% fat, you'll still need to get your healthy omega fats from somewhere, but I think some of us definitely need to start comprehending the connection some people make with these animals, rather than always treating these animals primarily as a food source. Much more going on than we think, every animal serves a purpose to a proper balance of an ecosystem on this planet!

Alligator Gar - For nearly a half century, alligator gar were considered "trash fish", or a "nuisance species" detrimental to sport fisheries, and were targeted for elimination by state and federal authorities in the United States. The 1980s brought a better understanding of the ecological balance necessary to sustain an ecosystem, and eventually an awareness that the alligator gar is an important element of the ecosystems they inhabit. Over time, alligator gar were afforded some protection by state and federal resource agencies.

Without a doubt, there's a lot more going on that what the human eye can see, another realm that some of us always knew there always was, but didn't have enough evidence at the time or could thoroughly explain through words to others!

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