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Replicate the Diets of Healthy People in their 50s and 60s

With the amount of propaganda out there, sugar industry paying off scientists to put the blame on fat instead of sugar and carbs, fast food restaurant on every corner, it's not hard to believe why so many American's are struggling with their diet and exercise. CDC estimates by 2050, 1 in 3 Americans will be diabetic....

But also looking through douchebag influencers like Liver King that claim eating liver is what got them to the point he's at now being all grotesque with that six pack palumbo gut... All I can say is, just get back to basics.

Replicate others who are in there 50s and 60s, athletes and bodybuilders you know that are natural and have shown their diet and exercise works. As this natural bodybuilder up above says, one of the first steps you can take into losing weight and being healthier is, stop drinking soda and replace it with a glass of water. Originally soda, fountain drinks was supposed to be kind of a desert or treat, not meant to be a drink with every meal. Due to so much propaganda, many Americans have grown up thinking this is how you eat a meal every time... Makes me think back on the scene in Idiocracy where everyone said "it's got electrolytes." Even Gatorade is loaded with sugar, stop drinking this garbage, not to mention it's laced with glyphosate too. This dude doesn't even drink creatine or protein powder, which has shown to be loaded with heavy metals! Just get back to basics, stop eating and drinking the processed food!

Anyone who is taking steroids then is promoting the shit out of short cut supplements is a big warning sign, in this case the Liver King claimed eating liver got him where he's at, kind of like Mike O'Hearn with his $700 Duck eggs, but they both have large supplement lines: Titan Series and Ancestral Supplements, this dude in the video just basically said eat clean protein and drink water, you can eventually reach a body similar to his with hard work. And I'll say this, people online are bashing the shit out of the Liver King after he's been exposed by Derek from More Plates More Dates, lol, what's he's doing is no different than what the Weider Brothers did with Magazines, pro bodyuilders and their own supplement lines for decades... Now basically, they can't get away with what they got with decades ago because information gets around the web to quickly, people are waking up!

That dude is 57 and jacked, if that guy loves the pump like Arnold did, comparing it to cumming with a woman. That dude has been in heaven for quite some time! But also imagine, being able to cast for musky like that still at 57 years of age... Common complaint I hear from Americans why they can't cast for musky or pike an older age, instead troll for Esox, they have too much inflammation and joint pain in their body...

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