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This Video Sums up Why I Musky Fish

This video sums up why I like to musky fish! The excitement, the adrenaline rush, the fun of catching a musky on the figure 8 is nothing you'll experience with bass fishing, never, whether it's smallmouth bass or largemouth bass. This musky video puts those fish species to shame, makes them seem boring...

I also think, you'll not only get a rush by the followup and strike, but also by the overwhelming size of the fish, that basically just engulfs your stereotypical thinking that freshwater fish just don't get big like saltwater fish!

Then there's musky fishing in the shallows, location where they're more likely to jump! There's musky fishermen that say, you have to always fish for musky in deep water because that's where the biggest musky like to hide out at... Sometimes it's not always about targeting the biggest musky at all times... Imagine all the enjoyment these anglers are missing out on when a musky is more likely to jump in the shallows...

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