2022 Woodward Dream Cruise Heating Up

This was Monday, it was packed out there yesterday for a Tuesday, incredible, good to see so many people out!

Word on the street is the 2022 Woodward Dream Cruise is heating up in Michigan... This video down below was shot last year, I was working on a video but never completed it, hopefully I can get some time to complete last years Cruise, but I also have new footage of the 2022 Roadkill Nights which was pretty bad ass! Regardless, get out there enjoy the cruise, comes only once a year! Last year a lot of people complained because it was hot, because of this a lot of cars kind of sat... A big tip, buy a good pair of walking shoes, get off your lazy ass, walk around, lol. Walking around will make you enjoy the cruise a whole lot more, also don't be afraid to park at different places as well too... And some gear heads even say, the best part of the Woodward Dream Cruise is the beginning of the week with less traffic, people, and companies... Like Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!

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