Attach Lure Retriever to Underwater Drone?

So if you haven't been following my YouTube channel, I'm quite fond of the new underwater drone technology that has hit the consumer market. I suspect with time, this technology may merge with other sports like fishing for locating fish, finding hot spots, possibly catching fish, cleaning up the water, as well as treasure hunting for fishing lures. There's sonar coming out for locating fish in murky water... There's 3D mapping for locating hot spots. And then there's the claw technology! Some of the technology is still pretty expensive, while some of the other accessories like the claw is relatively affordable now.

What's cool is, a lot of the second generation of consumer underwater drones now come equipped such as the Fifish V6s and Chasing M2 now come equipped with a robotic arm claw. So the first thing I thought was, with the various amount of musky and bass lures at the bottom due to snags and breakoffs, what if I'm able to recover some of this lost tackle. Maybe even recycle some of the lead for new fishing lures...

The problems with snags are, how strongly embedded they are within structure such as rocks, logs, and tree branches due to fishing line and hooks wrapped around them. Using the claw profusely along with the thruster motors without a doubt with time would cause a whole lot of wear and tear on an underwater drone, but what if there was a possibility of using a hook of some sort, with an attached rope to yank the fishing lure out of the snag.

A great example, is how this Chasing M2 owner used a simple rope and custom tubular hook to recover a heavy object such as a tire and drag it all the way to the shoreline. He had the Chasing M2 robotic arm clamp down on the custom hook, drive the underwater drone over to a tire, wrap the curved portion around the tire, then pulled the attached rope to drag the entire tire back to the shoreline. It's super neat, I know, but even more ingenious to prevent any strain on the underwater drone.

So now I'm thinking, what if we could do the same thing to unsnag fishing lures, but instead of clamping down on a custom hook, instead clamp down on one of the lure retrievers already on the market? Good idea right? Well problem is, with the various amount of fishing lure retrievers on the market, which one would work the best? All so many different shapes and sizes to choose from, I'll really have to try out a bunch to see which one works the best. I think the Daiwa Lure Catcher with the chain might be worth a try the first time.

Daiwa Lure Catcher
CatchALure Lure Retriever

Dilwe Fishing Bait Retriever

Lew's Get'r Back Lure


CatchALure Lure Retriever

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