Best Fishing Lunch Box – Stainless Steel No Leaching Plastic Bags!!!

Not to long ago I wrote a post about the importance of using a stainless steel thermos for fishing, not sure if many realize, but just like plastic water bottles, those cheap plastic bags we use out on our boat fishing can heat up in the sun and melt, causing the plastic to leach into our food, whether it's sandwich bread, nuts, berries or beef jerky.

Testosterone is dropping big time in men, there's many factors contributing to this: poor diet, poor lifestyle, no hobbies, and not enough exercise, but some are environmental factors too! A Dutch study showed for the first time that there's small microplastic particles in our blood! Whether it's BPA free or not, articles like this these show that even BPA free plastics still can leach in our food and mimic estrogen.

"The study found these chemicals even in products that didn't contain BPA, a compound in certain plastics that's been widely criticized because it mimics estrogen."

The point is, understand science, take notice, do what you can to limit your contact with these plastics! On Amazon, there's a company called Uptrust, that makes stainless steel containers that can be washed and reused over and over again, which features a non-porous surface unlike the plastic bags everyone uses. Make a change for the better, I also love the name of their company, Uptrust! I grabbed the small 800ML/27oz container, they have even bigger one's for sandwiches and other snacks, separated into 3 or even 4 compartments! I wanted something small so I can just tuck away in my Cabelas tackle bag or my Hobie Kayak, so far I love this Uptrust Stainless Steel Lunch Food Container. These stainless steel containers can also work well with any of these insulated coolers by Yeti, Carhartt, Under Armour or Titan. Even with a big cooler, your food has to rest in some type of container, it should be a container made of either glass or stainless steel that's non-porous... Knowing how rough the water can get out on Lake St. Clair or if you're rummaging through the woods to get to your favorite honey hole, banging your fishing gear around, stainless steel is a must unlike glass which can break!

Also make sure you watch my video for some good insight on what's healthy to eat for snacks when fishing, take care!

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