Climate Change & Electric Cars are Inevitable

The one announcer KJ Jones at Roadkill Nights was hinting to Dodge might be coming out with electric muscle car in 2024, whether you like it or not, it's inevitable we're transitioning off this energy source...

I suspect combustion engines will have dramatic increase in value, since these cars will become rarer like the 03-04 Cobra Terminators and they will stop producing them.

But still no telling where the future is headed, but it's interesting seeing the same denial and hatred of Climate Change, lol, I see the same similar in hatred for electric sports/muscle cars after reading the comments on Facebook and youtube about them, everyone has right to their opinion. However both are inevitable folks, whether you accept them or not... But no one's saying you still can't own an combustion engine muscle car, have an electric daily driver, and still cruise in these events and celebrate these car's history out on Gratiot, Van Dyke, Woodward Cruise or even drag racing at Milan. Again, heard the Roadkill Nights announcer debate this same topic at the event... But again, still no telling where the future is headed, Nascar is on major decline, a lot of people are not happy about the fate of these sports and major change!

On the flip side, we may one day wake up in a Mad Max post apocalyptic nuclear war era after watching this video. All the countries should be focusing on coming together to fight climate change and the pollution problems at hand, not World War 3!

No fate but what we make -Sarah Connor

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