Close Up of Lamprey Mouth & Teeth

This nasty somabitch came off of a 41 inch musky I caught out on Lake St. Clair . This lamprey looks like something from that Stephen King movie Dreamcatcher. I wasn't about to put this on my neck like Jeremy Wade for some click bait and views, but I didn't mind grabbing the parasite and getting a super close up of the mouth and teeth. Totally unreal!

Really makes me wonder if we have a serious lamprey problem in Lake St. Clair, I know for the most part fish biologists will say some of these native lamprey are harmless for the most part, but I wonder if something could still happen if the lamprey population gets so out of control, in some some way harm the ecosystem.

If you haven't seen my post here about theĀ sea lamprey problemĀ in Lake Erie, Communications Director Marc Gaden hinted that Lake St. Clair may be the source for Erie's sea lamprey problem. We definitely seem to have the perfect breeding environment for lamprey at Lake St. Clair.

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