Color Schemes on 6th Sense Crankbaits for Smallmouth

I must say, I'm quit impressed with the eye popping colors I've seen on the 6th sense crankbait line recently. I had looked up the Magnum SB 9.8 on Google, then Facebook started serving me 6th sense ads on their social media site and I saw some of these stunning color schemes, then I said to myself I haven't seen colors like this before in my entire life. I mean maybe there's some colors similar to Lucky Craft, because I think that's what 6th Sense originally modled their company after, but I can't say for sure because I haven't been keeping up with some of the modern day crankbait company lately. And I think 6th sense has really gone their own way now considering they have over 20+ different series of crankbaits and this isn't even including the lipless line.

Here's some of the crankbait colors that caught my eye. I have yet to buy any of their other line of crankbaits other than the Crush 250MD, which just crushes the smallmouth bass out on Lake St. Clair, Benjamin Nowak turned me onto the 250MD when he came to Lake St. Clair and just crushed it. The colors that performed well for me were the Baby Crappie and Threadfin Shad. I also had a monster musky break me off one year soon as he hit, I would of like to see the size of that ski, because he must of inhaled the whole lure. I usually don't get many breakoffs using crankbaits out on Lake St. Clair, because the crankbait is usually moving fast and they hit it at the lower portion of the body.

Anyways, I want to list some of the colors and specific series of crankbait that really caught my eye, some of these colors are unbelievable! I really like this new fluorescent glowing eye they're adding in certain color schemes! It's really a shame not more brick and mortar stores carry this brand of hard bait!

Crush 50X - Black Magic

Crush 50X - Crawfish Nook

Crush 50X - Crimson Craw

Crush 50X - Live Shiner

Curve Finesse Squarebill - Boiled Crawfish

Crush 50S - Neon Sunfish

Movement 80X - Sunfish Scream

Cloud 9 C10 - Ghost Missouri Craw

Curve 55 - Sapphire Craw

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