Curado DC 151!!! – Finally Pickup a Baitcaster at Sportsmens Direct

So if you've been watching my fishing videos for the last 10 years, including my old channel, you know how I'm kind of particular to spinning. It's an easy setup to use, reasonable priced, works great with a wide variety of lures. I originally used the rear drag Shimanos for bass fishing... Any time I'd hook into a big esox like a pike or musky, I'd wear them out using the back drag on the Shimano Sienna, at the time I thought was a major benefit o_O. But as I've gotten older, I gotten tired of replacing these cheaper reels, gotten tired of the gears grinding and the loss of smoothness and castability. Let me tell you something, when you finally upgrade to a premium rod and reel, you really start to notice the difference. Back in 2018 I finally upgraded to a Shimano NASCI with a quality Falcon Rod, what a difference I got with casting distance and being able to feel the fish better when finesse fishing a jig or drop shot. Remind you I used to use Ugly Stiks :rolleyes: Feels light years away now... Don't get me wrong, Ugly Stik makes a great quality rod for durability, but for sensitivity, you're not going to find a hybrid Ugly Stik fiberglass graphite rod that has the same sensitivity as a full graphite rod such as a Falcon, you're just not! Not to mention the smoothness from the ceramic Fuji guides to Ugly Stik's stainless steel guides.

While I can get away with throwing crankbait, jerkbait, and spinnerbait using the Shimano NASCI, I still lack control when I work the docks over in the St. Clair for monster largemouth. Something I love and have been doing for decades now, it's about time I pickup a baitcaster for more preciseness of flipping and pitching. lol And when the water level lowers, I suspect being able to easily skip the lures underneath the dock on the #4 setting with the Curado DC is going to make a huge difference. There's just so much more versatility with a baitcaster compared to spinning reel, there really is, but as you see, it comes at a hefty price. To be honest with you, I always love spinning!

Now I did end up going with 10 pound Sniper FC when I purchased the Shimano Curado DC, however once I got out and starting using it, I noticed my casts were shortened and I was getting lots of backlash. I gave it a good 2 days of fully testing this line on the Curado, so I said fuck it, picked up some Power Pro 20 lb braid, which I've been using on my spinning reels for the last 5 years. Instantly, I felt the difference, the casts were smoother, actually like butter. My casts were incredibly far and had distance to them like using the NASCI, which is pretty unbelievable to me. And really, that's one of the benefits of the DC reels with the chip in them, if you watch any of the comparison videos to the Curado K, if you get a DC reel why would you want to use flurocarbon and shorten your casts?

I know Arcasting says there's a lot of benefits to fluoro such as the sensitivity, stretch, sinking and low visibility. But guess what, you can always do a double uni knot and get the benefits of the low visibility factor along with abrasion resistance. Sure I'll lack other factors, but hey, once I get more used to the reel, maybe I'll try the Sniper line again. I think what the owner of Sportsmens Direct was trying to tell me, is maybe I should of started with 12 lb or 14 lb to help with the backlash.

Ya know everyone has their favorite tackle and gear, I think it's safe to say, for me, I love covering as much ground as possible. I think it translates to more fish hands down, especially from the shoreline. It's just a preference, if you look at what the pros are using, many use Sniper FC on most of the baitcasters. But as you see, most professional fishermen from the boat, not from the shoreline, which I still do, especially with waders. Anyways, it's all in good fun, again I'm an amateur fishermen, I'm not going to act like what I know what I'm talking about after using a baitcaster for 4 or 5 days. If you're looking for a quality review, some great pointers, head over to Arcastings channel and videos for reference. lol That's basically what I watched for tips!

I remember when I first met Ar, I'm like God damn you lay down some serious cash down on bass tackle and gear, thinking it's a little excessive, what ya know, I end up doing the same thing three years later. I guess that's just how hobbies go in general, as you progress with any hobby, to reach the next level you're most likely have to upgrade. Just as I will have to upgrade from Shimano Stradic Spinning reel to a Shimano Baitcaster Tranx for throwing big rubbers on musky. Ya know for some, they jump right it and get the best tackle and gear. Others like me, it's a slow progression :LOL:. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this video, tight lines anglers and take care!

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