Do Not Eat Fish Advisory Still for Huron River, Kent Lake, Belleville Lake

So I heard word than many fishermen are still being seen keeping their fish from the Huron River and Kent Lake, just be aware there's still a do not eat advisory for fish within Oakland and Washtenaw counties. It was reported that PFAS levels have even increased in parts of Ann Arbor Michigan where officials are still searching for potential sources of contamination.

PFAS is no common chemical that can be well tolerated like mercury or lead, it's much worse because it stays in the environment for a very long time, and once you eat or drink from a contaminated source, it circulates in your body for also a very long time. This was a great video about PFAS and how it's affected a Belmont resident named Sandy Wynn-Stelt.
Just simply staying informed about where you can safely eat fish could benefit your health greatly. Pretty touching story from Sandy...

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) issued an expanded ‘Do Not Eat’ fish advisory for all fish in the Huron River in Livingston, Oakland, Washtenaw, Wayne, and Monroe Counties. The original advisory was issued on Saturday, August 4, 2018.

The ‘Do Not Eat’ advisory for the Huron River starts where N Wixom Rd crosses in Oakland County and extends downstream to the mouth of the Huron River as it enters Lake Erie in Wayne County. This includes:

Norton Creek (Oakland County)
Hubbell Pond, also known as Mill Pond (Oakland County)
Kent Lake (Oakland County)
Ore Lake (Livingston County)
Strawberry & Zukey Lake (Livingston County)
Gallagher Lake (Livingston County)
Loon Lake (Livingston County)
Whitewood Lakes (Livingston County)
Base Line & Portage Lakes (Livingston/Washtenaw County line)
Barton Pond (Washtenaw County)
Geddes Pond (Washtenaw County)
Argo Pond (Washtenaw County)
Ford Lake (Washtenaw County)
Belleville Lake (Wayne County)

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