Do We Underestimate Intelligence of Animals, Especially Underwater?

Something always plagued my mind after watching the movie the Abyss, do we underestimate animals, especially deep sea aquatic animals on how intelligent they are?

There's a new series set to come out, that goes in deep analyzation of the way creatures hunt as a predator and even the way prey defend themselves off from Predators. Us as Hunters and Fishermen can really learn from this series I think! Remind you at the end of the trailer, it was revealed director James Cameron is taking part in this Disney series as executive producer, yes the guy who brought you the movie Abyss!

I myself, want to find out why the Esox species in gernal are are surfacing now in modern times? Both Northern Mike, Musky and Tiger Musky... Are they venting their gills? Hunting for prey like Muskrats and snakes? What I've realized is, the Esox spcies has evolved into peforming this action in modern times, because 20-30 years ago when I fished, pike or musky never did this... I also wonder, if I find a spot where musky and pike are always doing this, would they be more susceptible to hitting topwater baits like the Fat Bastard?

Meanwhile after this trailer popping up in my Facebook feed, might I add Joe Rogan had a special guest on his podcast named Jeremy Corbell, the director that did the documentary on Michigander local Bob Lazar, that had some interesting dialogue, be sure to give it a watch or listen...

Great episode on Powerful JRE with Corbell

Military Admiral - "More activity under the water than there is in the air with these UFO things..."

Jeremy Corbell - "how the fuck am I going to research it? I don't got a submarine"

Military Admiral - "Have you ever seen the movie Abyss?"

Yes, Little Geek

Buy an underwater drone Jeremy!

Isn't it interesting how closely these deep sea creatures this photographer filmed kind of resemble the deep sea creatures from the movie Abyss?

Bottom line, I also do think there was a deep message from the movie the Abyss, which can be related to new revelations on the UAP topic and Current Times!

Ya know how I talked about how we underestimate the intelligence of animals, we're just depicting what our human eye can see, not at the microscopic level or some other realm...

"You're telling me these things do not exist. Oh they exist, but on a new realm we've never seen, electricity, microvwaves, infared waves."

If you notice, both Tic Tac UFO filmed by our Top Gun pilots at the U.S.S. Nimitz were filmed in infrared, so was the film shot by the Mexican Air Force, otherwise the human eye wouldn't see it!

"It has been reported that all of the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO's) have been sighted from infrared cameras by skilled pilots. UFO footage from the Mexican air force that has been leaked is an authentic reporting of an actual incident witnessed and reported by the pilots who could not see anything with their naked eyes, but had tracked 13 UFO objects flying in formation on their radar."

We live in a much more complex world than we think...

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