St. Isaac Jogues, Notre Dame & U of D

Drag Racing in the Boonies

Never understood how the newer generation is infatuated with always lowering their shit, I want my rear end propped up with some big ass slicks in back... Maybe they like their women with a flat ass in back... lol Gotta have some ass!

Little Photochop of my Cat, like my old man's 400 Firebird

Can't stand some of the newer generation with their retarded shit, Detroit Muscle wasn't meant to be lowered, if you want your shit lowered buy a Vette!!! I mean it's what you like, what it comes down to, if you like your car lowered, more power to you... Just don't understand this huge trend even since I owned my 4th generation F-body, everyone was always lowering it trying to cover up the space between the tire and wheel wells to make it cleaner.

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