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Eternal Angler Moving to Florida?

After experiencing the legendary fishing down in Florida, where you can softwater fishing all year round, I have to say it's quite tempting to move down there.

"Yes, quite a day" - I definitely still have dreams about incredible days I had down in Florida, like this one where I caught 17 snook!

I was recently offered by my parents to help move down there, but still feel like I haven't enjoyed Michigan enough to move down there as of "yet..." My Sister is living in Georgia right now, she may move to Florida shortly as well too. It's definitely tempting, but I have to say the only thing keeping me up here now in Michigan is the musky and the muscle car scene... Some say that isn't much, but if you've ever thoroughly experienced the fight of a musky and thrill of the muscle car scene, aka Pure Michigan, believe me it's enough! Remind you the Woodward Cruise is still the World's Largest Car Cruise!

And some like John Bondy say there's no better lake in the world than Lake St. Clair to fish for a rare species such as musky, remind you there's also not too many locations in the world where the pike and musky breed together to form this incredible gorgeous hybrid called the Tiger Musky!

If I get seduced by catching a Tarpon on my next Vacation dwon in Florida, lol, the temptation may be even greater...

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