Fishing Rod Repair Shop in Michigan

So it's a been a little rough on lake st clair lately, had an accident where I broke two guides on my SLX fishing rod, actually stepped on my brand new rod within a couple months time, doh!!! I called around, talked to a rep at Sportmans Direct, I guess they usually do guides in the area, but due to being short handed during the Coronavirus pandemic, they're just doing rod tips. I saw on the Michigan Sportsman Forum said that someone from Andy's Tackle Box recommends a guy in the area, so I called them up!

They gave me Jay's number from Taylor Tuckey Tackle Shop, I shot over to Taylor to drop my SLX rod, he got me back my fishing rod in tip top shape within 3 days time, the turnaround time was great! The guides are matching, perfectly lined up, and the blue thread is matching, a little on the bright side, but with time it should fade from the sunlight out on Lake St. Clair, lol. I'm not that picky, I just need to get back in business out on Lake St. Clair with my Curado DC, ya know what I mean Vern?!

Taylor Tuckey Tackle Shop will basically fix anything you throw at them, included vintage fishing rods and reels, as I asked this because I was curious due to having old fishing rods. I also asked them about musky rods and they said yes as well. A couple years back I popped out an insert on my musky spinning rod, I wish I knew they were in the area. They've been servicing the southeastern michigan region for more than 30+ years, but hey, not everyone knows about them, that's why I decided to created this cool little video. Hopefully I can bring some business they're way.

They also sell hand-made jigs, rigs, harnesses, and spreaders for walleye! Give them a call or text them if you have any questions, they get back to you very quickly and are super nice!

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