Geneinno T1 Underwater Drone Footage of Bluegill, Crappie, & Perch

Water has been really turned up lately out on Lake St. Clair, I've been meaning to use a spud and bust up some ice to release the Geneinno T1 under the ice to get some amazing footage, but so far we haven't had any thick ice to bust up, so the water has been very very murky. It gets cold, the ice forms, then it gets warm again, then the ice thaws and it rains, the water gets murky again. I was over at Metro Beach Park at 16 mile to see what the water was like and it was a complete mud hole, lol, sucks!

Anyways, temperatures are starting to drop a little in late January, hopefully by the end of the month we get some ice, either on Lake St. Clair or at Kent Lake. Even though the water has been murky in January, I was able to get some decent footage over at a St. Clair Shores marina at Lake St. Clair.

It's really neat and fun using the underwater drone in the marina, I noticed if I stay near the bottom and keep my two 1500 lumens lights on, I'm able to get some pretty decent footage of some panfish, as well as largemouth bass. What's really cool as I was navigating around, I noticed when I did a 360 a couple times, there was a wolf pack of largemouth bass following me. They seem really interested in the drone, I suspect they either think it's another largemouth bass they can hang with, lol, or they're just interested in examining it.

This is just some short footage I put together of the underwater footage of Lake St. Clair, I have a lot more, especially of bass, I can't wait to get out to deeper water and film some gnarly footage of smallmouth bass this spring and summer, hopefully some huge musky too. I know other anglers are itching to see some more footage, hopefully I can get some footage up soon, I think this is going to change the fishing world.

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