GoPro 8 Fishing Rod Mount

If you're looking for a different POV for your YouTube fishing channel videos, give the Grizzly Fishing Rod Mount a try with the GoPro 8. Remind you, I'm just using the GoPro 5 with the stabilization turned off. Imagine how smooth this video would be if you used the Hypersmooth 2.0 on the new GoPro 8? Absolutely incredible!

I wish I had money to get a new GoPro 8, lol, but I just burned a hole in my pocket with a new kayak. I'm sure this Grizzly fishing rod mount would look even more gorgeous fishing from a kayak or in waders, the scenery you could capture would look really cool for your videos. Anyways, think about picking this action camera mount up. It's very cheap on Amazon, the rubber is very strong and tough which will withstand even the harshest weather conditions, rather than the cheap hard plastic mounts that will crack and break.

Next hunting video I do I'll have to try mounting the GoPro to a shotgun barrel, that would be really neat! Anyways, enjoy this video where I show off my new baitcaster, looks and sounds pretty cool, almost like a video game. Would be a neat idea to use this mount when trolling for musky out on Lake St. Clair, I'll have to try that this summer! Be cool to capture shots when the fish actually strike your lure and pull down your rod tip!

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