Have You Seen a UFO Fishing or Hunting?

I'm not sure why UFOs have always been so taboo throughout the years, people making light of this topic any chance they get... I think there's always been a stigma to make light of something you don't understand that scares the living shit out of people, especially if it means a civilization coming from another world. Analyzing history, when the pilgrims first landed on plymouth rock, while there was a friendly Thanksgiving greet at first between Native Americans and European Settlers, what happened next the following years isn't anything short of genocide and a complete takeover. Just from getting off ships, we exposed native americans to smallpox, measles and the flu, which they're immune systems weren't ready for, it was a slaughtering.

So considering history, if another civilization were to ever come to this planet, can't say I would be willing to greet them with welcoming hands. Now I would not be complete unwelcoming, I'd just be very weary, unlike Dr. Greer's ideology that every ET species from another world would be benevolent. Lets analyze our oceans, might I add there are still many anomalies to man because we still haven't visited every deep part of the ocean. Hell, we're still finding new species of fish everyday and boy do they look otherworldly... And while during certain seasons, fish co-exhist with one another, other seasons when they're breading, fish are eating one another viciously and consistently. Whether it's a shark and tarpon in saltwater or a musky and a pike in freshwater. Truth be told, there has always been an apex predator and a prey in the food chain. Us, as human being, like to think we sit on top of the food chain at all times, but that's not always the case, soon as we take a dip in the ocean or go hunting in the forest. Sometimes human beings don't come back, lets just leave it at that...

Some of the stories I've been hearing from Outdoorsmen through the decades have been very intriguing... Just like Joe Rogan, I have been a long time listener to a weird radio show called Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, I started listening even when I was a young lad. So when a story of big foot or a UFO came up on YouTube by a hunter of fishermen, I wasn't the person to easily dismiss these stories and make fun of the person telling them, which a lot of people do. I was always interested in finding out more information, because knowledge is power right? If people are disappearing from forests or being eat by sharks in the surf, last thing I was to do is go fishing or hunting that spot.

Take for instance David Paulides, ex-SWAT and retired Detective, something tells me that the stories this guy tells isn't bullshit. I really do think there are some weird things happening at our National Parks. Guys got iron balls to investigate these stories and ask the question to management at our Parks why isn't there a registry for the people that go missing at our national parks? Since Americans pay the bill to these parks, you would think that would be the case. Nope!

If you've seen the first documentary, he goes over a case of a 3 year old young boy, Jaryd Atadero, that goes missing at Rocky Mountain National Park at Big South Trail, but his clothes were found near a mountain top 500 feet from the lower level of the trail. How does a boy get up that high to the mountain top, in Paulides documentary they explain how they had some avid hikers try to make that hike and it was super tough, how does a 3 year old make it up there? Obviously he didn't, sure there's animal predators out there that could carry boy up that high. But there was no blood or tear marks found on his clothing... So what gives? A serial killer? Again, professional hikers had a tough time making that hike!

Paulides never gives his opinion who or what is causing these people to disappear in our national parks and forests, but he seems to give hints here and there. There's weird commonalities like how some of these people are of German descent, some people are autistic, some are even of stature and high intelligence. I let you do your own research and find patterns after watching the documentaries, listening to his stories on Coast to Coast AM and reading his books.

My personal opinion, I don't think we're alone or on top of the food chain the way we like to think we are. I think, there very well could be other terrestrial and extraterrerstrial beings of different descent above and below ground, in the woods, as well as from the sky, as well as unchartered territory like in the oceans and outer space. Bold statement I know, but this is collection of studying this topic over quite a few years, after listening to the Logger Travis Walton tell his story and pass a lie detector test. As well as other numerous stories of fishermen coming across similar craft in our Nation's forests like Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker Jr. Hell if you don't believe them or think why does every story come from a person named Bubba as Jay Leno puts it, you have to at least consider what some of people of law enforcement stature like Sheriff Deputy Val Johnson experienced in a rural area Marshall County, Minnesota on night. While he didn't have any hardcore evidence like material from ET craft to back up his story, he did suffer weird physical anomalies after coming across the UFO like his eyes burned, like arc welders burn in his eyes.

Getting back to David Paulides Missing 411, just recently his documentary Misising 411: The Hunted appeared on YouTube, telling of stories of missing hunters and fishermen. If you haven't watched the sequel yet, be sure to do so. I think a lot of his readers of his books and listeners of his radio podcasts were dissapointed that the first one solely centered around once case. This time around, it was more vast and covered more stories. Me being a hunter and fisherman myself, I definitely found the sequel more interesting than the first.

It's funny, before even seeing this sequel or the story of Bruce Maccabee's wife, I had asked David Paulides a couple years before the release on Facebook, if he thinks some of the stories told from a Hollywood perspective like the movie Predator are based on somewhat of a truth. His answer was "yes!!!" What I based my assumption on was after hearing the story on Coast to Coast AM of how green berets were once called in on a missing person case at a state park decades ago, as Paulidest puts it, why would Green Berets get called in to find a missing person case?

Again, both the documentaries are free to watch on YouTube, but I highly recommend watching the sequel all the way till the end about "The Predator Case." A lot of people would like to think this huntress is crazy, that she's just making up a similar story to the movie predator to get attention since these movies have become so popular over the last decade. But I'm sorry, I have a lot of respect for hunters that spends hours and hours in the woods. The amount of patience, well balanced mind you have to have to sit there for a whole day without making a single peep takes incredible self control, which the majority of the public do not have! It takes years to master!!! Kind of like musky fishing, lol! And remember, while I think people who watch sci-fi movies like to think that movies came first talking about flying saucers and even paranormal occurrences like ghosts and even possessions, thinking about the firt movies like Amytiville Horror and the Exorcist... Are you fucking sure? These people needs to study the original stories before art and Hollywood came along before making these assumptions. It's funny how, people like to think these movies are all science fiction, but remember, art imitates life and life also imitates art. I think the question Newt is asking Ripley why society likes to lie about monsters that actually do exist.

I have always considered myself somewhat of a Predator or Hunter myself, whether it's hunting for deer or musky... The one thing I've noticed, whether it's a 10 point buck or a giant fucking Muskellunge. The one thing that always seems to precede their big feeding phase, which is the transition to night, sometimes the transition is the only time to get a big buck legally and musky, well you can fish for them anytime ya want, but dusk and night time can be a great way to target them when you aren't getting them during the day. But something you might consider, whether you're hunting or fishing at night for whatever animal! You may think you're hunting at night for a big musky, but actuality you may become the prey by another Predator!

I'm going to expand on this article throughout time, adding stuff to it, but for now, I'm going to leave you with this new documentary series to watch that was shown on Showtime. A lot of this work is here due to a retired Pentagon official named Luis Elizondo, along with a lot of other higher up government officials from To the Stars Academy. I think human beings have evolved to the point where it's time to tell the truth on some of these subjects, horrifying or not just like serial killers to warn and educate people. Again, regurgitating what Dr. Greer has claimed about basically all Extraterrestrials being benevolent, while I'd like to believe that fairy tale, honestly I'm sure there are plenty of species that do mean us peace, but when in the study of any animal or being on this planet have their all been benevolent species? While I respect Dr. Greer and all his work towards disclosure, we need to analyze every thing thoroughly from an unbias point of view. I really don't think President Trump creating a Space Force is just a coincidence in the era we're in. Time to open our minds, whether you have ideology from the right or left. It's funny, because I'll say this, while I think people on the left like to consider themselves all about science and space, hence Neil Degrasse Tyson. It always amazes me how Neil as well as other Liberals were so easy to just pass these sightings off as nothing out of the norm... Kind of like they did with considering Covid-19 as a lab leak, but as I've showed in previous article lab leaks are as American as Apple Pie. I think sometimes when you start believing in nothing, like atheism, that too starts becoming a religion and you start believing in nothing science can't explain. We live in a complex world people, it's all about having an open mind about everything. I myself, like to believe that their is still an all powerful being or just some form of "energy of intelligence" that helped create heaven and earth. Whether that means just a guy with a beard up in the sky or dark matter in space, we all need to analyze this stuff first before having a preconceived perception what Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell likes to say! And this isn't the time to start fear and war mongering either as the retired Canadian Defense Minster Paul Hellyer puts it, but we must be aware of the situation I think.

While in my 20s I'd like to believe that I wanted immediate disclosure and could take any type of truthful information thrown was thrown at me, I can take it, as I said to myself, after hearing some of the horrifying stories told from Skin Walker ranch by Corbell and George Knapp. I have definitely reconsidered that big time!!! I think we as humans have to slowly transition to this, as we transition off fossil fuels to greener cleaner technology.

You've seen the movie Ton Gun right, just about everyone have seen that movie... I'll say this, if you watch the second episode of UFO produced by JJ Abrams, look at how Chief Radar Operator who came from a Top Gun control unit and handled his sighting off the air craft carrier the Nimitz... Analyzing how he's suffered severed PTSD after his first sighting, suggesting it almost killed him(I suspect mentally), and that he still has horrifying apocalyptic dreams to this day... Well I think this tells you a lot!

You can watch all the episodes of this new series produced by JJ Abrams on Flixtor.

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